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On the one hand, we're down to the last bottle of wine in the house.

On the other hand, @Erika just reminded me that we're having spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

Just realised I have NINE (Zoom) meetings tomorrow. RIP my brain.

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Some people think "smart people are skeptical" and conclude "if I am just skeptical of everything then I must be smart".

@saera on a completely unrelated note, have you remembered you're doing the guest blog post for newCardigan due out on Friday?

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Reading "The Rust Programming Language" and I can already tell I'm going to constantly read "compiles" as "complies", which in this context probably amounts to the same thing.

prisons, death 

“The Australian Law Reform Commission estimates that Australia spends $4 billion a year locking up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Utterly failing at clearing out my Pocket list because everything I read links to 3 other interesting things 😭

It's cute that the Debian developers assume that because I'm SSHing into a shell as root I must know what I'm doing.

Give me a colourised display already.

The release notes in the latest Mastodon update include acknowledging translators of languages I didn't even know existed.

Hmm the party house around the corner is back 🙄

Oh lol I guess I should say it's about the decentralised Internet and various considerations therein.

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The content of this article is quite interesting but the formatting - with references and further reading along the side - is equally interesting to me.

TV show 

LOL all these jocks failing on the third step in "Ninja Warrior" and then the D&D Dungeon Master gets to the end.

"The Economist" 

The real problem with IT is that the software industry thinks it's special. You could swap "developer" with any other knowledge worker, and "software" with any other process, and this article would still make sense.

I just found out about "git checkout -- file" which is pretty darn useful to know.

"A successful String Theory would not be able to tell us anything about Sherlock Holmes, and this alone is enough to disqualify it as a 'theory of everything.' "

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Started Graham Harman's "Object Oriented Ontology" and it's full of hilarious lines already.

"I will also discuss what OOO thinks is wrong with modern philosophy since René Decartes (1596 – 1650)..."

Just walked the dog and Melbournians sure don't understand how to wear face masks.

Pro tip: it goes over your mouth and nose, not just over your chin.

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