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war crimes 

"People would have expected their defence force to act in accordance with the nation’s values, [Chief of Defence Angus Campbell] said."

What if the problem is that they *did* act in accordance with the nation's values?

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war crimes 

The Australian military has a long history of committing war crimes.

The only thing I find “shocking” about the recent revelations is the expectation that I would be surprised by them.

I went to school with kids who couldn’t wait to join the army and become “heroes”, a breed apart from and above mere civilians. Doesn’t take a genius to predict what happens when you people like that in a remote environment with no clear goals and lots of weaponry.

Email from the union is excited that more people are "singing the petition" and this is such a lovely mental image.

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I remember when reCaptcha was a project to help crowdsource digitizing books for places like the Gutenberg Project.

Good times.

It's a shame what happened.

Just when I thought my opinion of The Australian couldn’t sink any further, I find out they’ve been publishing “sponsored content” for Philip Morris.

All I wanted to do was find out whether Bourke Library charges fines.

By the way the answer is yes, I *will* be giving a running commentary of my research into Australian public library policies. I run Australasian galleries, libraries, archives and museums dot space so I don't know what else you expected.

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I see @Bonnie has been influencing her local library: Blue Mountains went fine free in August. :success:

So far Blacktown wins the prize for best library website in NSW.

Admittedly I am only up to "B" and everything before them appears to be tiny tiny shire councils.

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Also pretty happy to see how quickly "vocational awe" has gone from being a niche rant to a standard citation.

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Hearing Jessamyn West talk about how libraries are governed in Vermont has given me a fresh appreciation that I am lucky enough to live where I do (not Vermont).


Vic Government: Announces $800m in subsidies for energy efficiency improvements. and new minimum efficiency standards for rentals

Vic Opposition: “We would simply have given public money to power companies to burn more coal forever.”

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@alissa does ACT Libraries have fines? It seems not but I can't be sure.

hmm what would a reasonable minimum number of items be to count as a library "collection" in a given language?

e.g. I can see in the Libraries Tasmania catalogue they hold X number of items in any given language. How big does X need to be before we say they have a collection of items in that language?

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