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Is there something similar to Fail2Ban that isn't so horrendous to configure?

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@liamvhogan make sure to separate your kangaroos out from recycling and general waste.

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@hugh I think there is not a single word for that but in german it would be something like: „erfolgreich auf der Stelle treten“.

I simultaneously feel like I had a huge and somewhat successful work week, yet achieved nothing. There must be a German word for this.

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[Bug report]

*Describe the impact of the issue*

"Every time I run into it and have to do a workaround, I die a little inside. But it's not a blocker."

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Never trust anything you read on a website with a two vowel TLD. .io? Piss off, techbro. .au? What kind of made up shit is an "Australia"?

I finally worked out how to make the background black in Powershell

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if you want to make a blockchain powered thing i recommend designing it, and then just removing the blockchain part. it will still be a cool project i promise you

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Anyway I really need to stop looking ta :birdsite: and thinking about the book with the faces because that's a whole bunch of brain and emotional space I could be using for something more productive/positive.

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fb, ausmedia 

Watching ABC News about the fb story and it’s striking that “getting our news from this one web site” is treated like “clean drinking water”, like we’ve been denied a basic human right or something.

Frankly I am having a hard time feeling outraged on behalf of Australian organisations stupid/lazy enough to think having a Facebook page is equivalent to having a well managed website.

TIL there is still an "Aleph enhancements" process.

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this fb thing is very funny. can fb vs newscorp vs the current govt top reddit vs hedge funds as a "no matter who loses we all win" sitch, unclear, but still, very very funny

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Has anyone here recently written or edited an academic book, and would also be willing to answer a small number of specific questions about galleys, proofs and file formats? Let me know if that's you. Boosts welcome.

I read an article about the need for "critical search" this morning and it could not have been more timely.

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