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I guess at least now I know it's been useful to people.

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TFW you wrote a shitty script 2 years and ago and whacked it up on npm and now someone changed their API.

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Why does the hire care company need to know my gender?

That's right, they don't.

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Hey folks, the volunteer org I am a part of is doing a survey on perceptions of migraine. Would love to get as many responses as possible (you don't need to have migraine to do it).

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Library friends: do you have opinions on the different library programs in Canada? A friend is looking at going into children’s librarianship and could use feedback from people who have experience at different schools.

Hmm, it appears Strike! magazine changed from a .org to a .coop at some point and now the old URL has been taken over by some kind of online gambling grift. Wonder how much money they'll make out of all those anarchists with out of date links.

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One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

TIL Lagrange is automatically my default app for opening locally-saved gemfiles. That was quite confusing the first time. :GeminiProtocol:

I really like the way this has been thought out. Gently pushes people to consistent sensible practices by making things simple for them: gemini://gemini.circumlunar.sp

FINALLY, we are back on standard time.

I was imagining something like this but I’m enjoying everyone’s suggestions.

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Wondering if I should invest in a Reading Jacket. 📚🥼🤔

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Today starts Autism Acceptance Month. I'm autistic. Being autistic is pretty cool, tbh, as long as culturally dominant neurotypicals get their weird ableist expectations out of the way.

Plan for Easter break: read all the things. :librarian_hushing: 📚🧑‍💻

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