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"Forget Worries" by Andy Warhol's Ecstatic Corpse

Title: Randomly generated
Lyrics: "AI" generated from title prompt
Music: "AI" generated from genre and BPM
Vocals: Text to speech

This is the most creatively bankrupt piece of art I have ever produced. You're welcome.

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I’ve been wondering why there have been so many beautiful glowing sunrises and sunsets lately - seems to be stratospheric aerosols from the Tonga eruption

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When you're in a dystopic society but you're just resigned to it, that's Ohwellian.

rental crisis, AirBnB (+) 

City of Brisbane Mayor: AirBnB is a menace when the rental market is so tight. Short term landlords must pay 50% higher council rates.

Councillor Jonathan Sri: You child, you absolute baby, I would charge at least 500%. Perhaps per day.


Big love to Nicole Kearney’s extreme snark about paywalled out of copyright PID’d resources 🤩

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Auspol, energy 

@ThermiteBeGiants good one, now nationalise the whole fucking grid


LOL Alison Macrina is such a librarian.

“Here is a massive list of further information resources”

What’s news Masto ? Are we going to have any power tomorrow night?

academic publishing, :birdsite: screenshot 

Where your APCs actually go:

I am confused by people who "like" social media posts that are requests for information.

Finally caught up on the whole sentient Google AI thing and it seems even more dubious than I expected.

If I was an extremely cynical person I might notice that this makes Google's "Responsible AI" division look a bit unreliable, and that it positions questions of consent when using machine learning tools as being about the consent of the computer code as a person, rather than about actual flesh and blood humans affected by algorithmic decisions.

Corporate Australia really does have a strange perspective on the world.

I mean, of course they do, they're capitalists, but still.

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Excuse me while I guffaw at private hospital companies complaining that the Victorian government is paying public hospital workers too much and they can't compete for workers.

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I have a really cool project idea for work. Does anyone have experience using Raspberry Pi Zeros with Ethernet and PoE?
There is a Waveshare PoE hat thing for raspi zero that does PoE.
Alternative would be just building a regular Pi3 or similar with one of those PoE split-out boxes that provides a micro USB with 5V and an RJ45. Might be simplest and best solution…

We have to fast my dog ahead of a medical procedure tomorrow and I am not looking forward to dealing with her in the morning when breakfast is not served.

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Any library/digipres/open data folks #OnHere attending this week's International Digital Curation Conference? #IDCC22

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