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<20% participation in a national election is a pretty sad indictment.

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Alternative headlines:

"Useless billionaire Windsors taunt British taxpayers whilst playing dress-ups"

"Commercial aviation: still killing the planet"

"TIME TO HEAD OFF: Monarchy after Elizabeth"

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The Guardian has gone really strange lately.

“William and Harry wear military uniform”

“When will aviation get back to normal?”

“Queen Elizabeth: still dead”

Red Ensign alert in Melbourne CBD. Loose units sighted, do not approach.

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anyone here good at tcl/tk? (pls boost)

Sadly I doubt they will be utilising the talents of the Russian Federal Orchestra again any time soon.

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I was trying to remember the name of the first EDM album I ever bought recently, then look what I randomly discovered browsing Bandcamp:

Great to see Hybrid still going strong!

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reminder that dumping on monarchs is literally what freedom of speech is for- not racism and transphobia- never racism and transphobia. shitting on monarchs was always the point, and if we can’t do that you can’t say we have freedom of speech. that’s literally the test. period.

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I spend an unreasonable amount of time unsubscribing from emails I didn't subscribe to.

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BBC commentary of Kim Jong Il's funeral procession laid over footage of Queen Elizabeth's. Fits like a glove 😱

"Commit to the systems and services that you can maintain well, not everything you can do if you burn out all your workers."


I finally got around to reading @platypus's CNI talk (Beyond Implementation: Positioning Maintenance as a Core Commitment in Libraries) and it is :discoursechef:

Gonna share this with my team.


Just leaving this for anyone who needs to explain their browsing history to IT.

"If you’re interested in finding models for how to deal with the ethics of using A.I., furries are good pocket of the internet to watch."

police violence, extreme racism in link 

Your Honour one of the Police officers who exchanged these outrageously racist text messages subsequently shot an Aboriginal man to death after breaching multiple standard operating protocols designed to prevent escalation but there is definitely no connection between the two things.

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