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Ok you all have access to our prompts but since you've ceded power to me... 😆

Prompt 3:

How does thinking about deep democracy change the way you might live and work? How would social change campaigning be different if we centred democracy?

Tim Hollo's point about *just getting on with it* without waiting for government really echoed something that stood out to me in "Revolution 1989
" - a book I've just finished reading, about the fall of the Soviet empire. The Polish "Solidarity" movement deliberately avoided direct confrontation with the state and instead built up parallel structures.

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@hugh I think Tim Hollo's article in Meanjin is relevant here.. maybe local groups shouldn't be asking for permission but just doing

Not entirely sure whether I'm responding to the first or the second prompt here, but I've certainly been thinking about democracy like this for a long time. However I found this week's readings really clarifying in terms of striking that balance I've been looking for between Anarchism and democratic socialism.

Tim Hollo's point about the disaster of nobody really believing our parliamentary system can do the job was also pretty sobering.

Ok apologies but I need to move on to prompt 2, However if you have more to say on prompt 1, go for it!


Have you thought about democracy in these terms before? How have the readings changed the way you think about democracy?

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In the current set-up we're systematically denied a say about so many things and we're trained from childhood to accept that and engage in the world passively. Everyone being able to be meaningfully involved in governing opens up a world of possibility and requires ppl to embrace both autonomy and collectivism. Epic paradigm shift!

I probably should sneak in here at Q1 that I'm actually keen for every member to be involved in governing even if they're *not* interested. I'm a big fan of the idea of

To expand on Holly's point, ( I think we need to acknowledge that perceiving that one is "interested" in governing ones own community requires the 'art of governing' itself to be a safe and welcoming space for all. Which it certainly isn't' at the moment.

Q1 - Gotta state the obvious here: the influence of old white male barristers would surely be significantly reduced.

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@hugh First - things would be local. We'd be seeing a deeper engagement with local community, with neighborhood, and with place. #reset

Let's get started, we'll be following the "official" discussion prompts this week since I failed to keep to time in Week 2 with my "mystery questions".

Prompt 1.

"If politics was ‘an art in which every interested member of a community participates in the governing of the community’ what do you think would look different?"

I'm Hugh and I will be your host as usual. I'm a librarian living an working on Wurundjeri country aka "Melbourne".

If you're here for the reading group, now is a great time to make yourself known using the hashtag and introduce yourself.

If you're not here for reading group, now is a great time to mute the hashtag.

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[Extremely NSW Treasury voice]

If we drastically defund the police they will only respond by making judicious rearrangements in response to budgetary pressure, creating efficiency dividends, and becoming more modern and productive

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Where Our Library Used Zany Afternoons To Rationalise FOLIO

Every second Wednesday from 19:30 AEST (starting this week) I'll be hosting newCardigan's reading group:

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