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Of course there's nothing about those changes in the official blog post, you have to read Eugen's personal Patreon page:

"the profile directory feature has been severely underused ... It will now federate, i.e. include opted-in users from other servers in the directory, which will now be available in the logged-in web interface ... Visually, it will now feature prominent follow buttons, include a line of the bio text, and users' header images."

There's some great stuff in here, including some in-browser OCR for image descriptions, and stronger moderation tools.

The user profile page is not one of those improvements.

Right so there is some info about the changes in version 3 here:

...and in more detail here:

The second link has things kinda back to front in my view so don't be discouraged by all the API talk at the top, the admin tools are described at the bottom.

Oh no, Eugen has made a terrible, predictable mistake with changes to the profile directory in v3.

Still not 100% where these trends come from, I think it's all accounts in our federated list. Which in our case also includes everything in the Aussie relay.

"adult themes" 

@alissa I know you already have too much on your TBR pile but I’ll have to lend you this too when you’re here: I’m reading it now and it’s awesome.

✅ some things off my to-do list today. Almost through my backlog of boring committee tasks so I can get back to yelling at my computer when my code fails.

Time to celebrate, we're on v3.0.1

I'm not entirely sure what benefits this brings, but I did just get an email asking me to approve the use of a trending hashtag, so I guess there's some new moderation features.

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Americans applying for work: pre-contact the hiring manager, tell them your interest in the role, hit up all contacts at the workplace to vouch for you, show initiative by researching the hiring manager's assumptions about the required good manners and pre- and post-interview etiquette, send follow-up thank you note

Australians applying for work: fill out a twenty-page selection criteria document, interview, it goes into the void

hmm, thought I'd totally borked everything for a moment there but looks like we should be ...ok?

Holy crap this update is taking ages. Maybe I accidentally deleted a bunch of dependencies earlier 🤔

I think this may be the only OS update I have ever done where I ended up with MORE hard-drive space. Like, 4GB more.

Holy crap I think my Ubuntu upgrade worked. 🤞

Don't get excited, . We're only back because I finished backing up the droplet. I'm upgrading the server now so prepare to be offline...

ok we're going offline for ...I'm not sure how long. Hopefully less than an hour.

My Dad sent me notes about his holiday called "Croatia Sept 26 to October 3, 2019 copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy.docx"

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