I don't know how much longer I can take being so incredibly bored in my job.

Pretty much told that I won't be able to get a librarian job at mpow without reference experience. So that's filled me with despair.

Certainly didn't expect to spend my NYE in an ibis hotel in Brisbane, trying to get home to Melbourne before the borders close, but here we are.

Love coming to my in-laws and having the "When I was young we didn't go on holidays or spend money, we worked hard and saved for a house" argument

Gotta love MPOW, advertising Librarian positions over the Christmas break with applications due on January 10. Can't I just have a holiday after this hellscape year please!?!?

To say this Northern Beachers cluster has me stressed, considering I fly to Newcastle in 4 days, would be an understatement.

Melbourne has Lime Bikes now? Haven't they already crashed and burned elsewhere?

If we've learned anything this year it should be that these issues can't be solved by policing

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I loathe that MPOW has a close relationship with VicPol. Right now there are refugees camped out on the footpath and they've made it clear that they're not allowed on the lawn and that the ~situation~ is being managed by City of Melb and the police

The longer I'm back at work onsite, the more I'm trying to plan my exit strategy.

I don't know how Moreland Library Service can still insist that applicants have a current Victorian Drivers license.

Going from thinking I'll be working 2 days a week from home for the foreseeable future to being back onsite fulltime means I'm scrambling to get all the things done

What is with public libraries having part time positions broken down by the hour so much that it's literally 0.76 and 0.64 FTE. Is there some reason for this that I'm missing here?

work gripes 

So I'm apparently expected back onsite on Monday. Not that I know what time, what I'll be doing, or literally any other information because MPOW gives more info in press releases than they do to staff

So over this working from home thing. Counting down the days until I can go back onsite.

When did NGAC go from being people I actually knew and respected somewhat to people I've literally never heard of.

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