When you get an email about a thing you’re doing in a week that you haven’t started writing yet and you start freaking out 😖😖😖

I’m only on this project for 3 months but I’m being allowed to present at Australasia Preserves, attend Automation for Archivists training, and work is paying for NLS9

I’ve been lucky to have never had a “bad” boss, but it’s refreshing to one so supportive, encouraging, and who sees my PD activities as beneficial, and not distractions from work

I did a thing! And it went alright I think! Yay!

Like 95% sure work is going to cover NLS9!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Does the ALIA comms person have me on notification alert or something? That was a super quick retweet!

Yesterday's result has driven me to develop an unhealthy new addiction to Dance Moms.

If I’m going to drink and be sad, at least I’m doing it in a sea of green 💚💚💚💚💚

I definitely picked the wrong booth to scrutineer; the Spring St queue for interstate voters stretches up to Exhibition and we won’t be allowed in until 7

When Kate Torney comes past and asks you what you’re working on you better hope your elevator pitch passes the test.

Our mothers day venue is doing a free prosecco for the mums and my mum is yeast intolerant. Happy day to me! 🥂

While I still have my substantive position in the restructure proposal, I’m at a point of wanting(NEEDING) to find another one so I don’t end up having to work in the Childrens Quarter

When you accidentally create a spreadsheet with 1M+ rows in it without realising and have to sit in shame while someone somewhere else in the library is fixing it.

Regretting my choice to watch the leaders debate instead of finishing this zine

I’m at procrastination level code red in that I now need to do stuff on my lunch break.

Avoiding all your responsibilities and just making zines is a v. good life choice, 10/10 😬

Knocked on 53 doors in Richmond yesterday. Tired but accomplished! 💚💚💚

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