@hugh what’s the tag I use so the Aus glam blog bot doesn’t tweet my post?

And what makes a good powerpoint is incredibly subjective. I watched a Ted talk on the actual science behind it before making mine.

Didn’t get the mark I was expecting for my assignment, so now I’m sulking. I lost marks on the powerpoint, as if that’s going to determine my quality as a Librarian.

Am now thinking about things I don’t want to think about, like parents hitting kids, or kids fighting and throwing stuff. Why is this now my job? 😖

I have that Interacting With Children workshop today and I really, really wish I didn’t have to go. There’s a reason I don’t work in school libraries 🙅‍♀️

Finishing up my application. Not at all intimidated by the fact this team is made up of former collection managers and senior collection experts who’ve been working in libraries longer than I’ve been alive 😶

Apparently people down Swan St are setting things on fire? I’m staying inside...

Not looking forward to the hellscape Richmond will descend into tonight. Why do I live here as a non-AFL supporter again?

I’m in bed watching The West Wing, and I have Malibu & Coke for later, so this public holiday is shaping up pretty well.

They finally advertised the vacant Library Technician role that I want 🎉

Another day, another colleague leaving for brighter pastures. How many people will have to leave, I wonder, before management realise there’s no faith left in the institution?

Feeling super confident in HR right now when it turns out they “forgot” to advertise some positions 😶

What karmic balance did I throw off to get stuck with an assignment due and a rental inspection on the same day?? 😭

Library has been closed all morning due to a pipe leak. Was crossing my fingers for getting to go home early but alas, water is going back on

I’m waiting for an email, and no matter how much I try, I can’t stop myself from obsessively refreshing my email more times in a day than is healthy 🙃

@alissa Had to go look at your auslibchat responses after I saw Danielle’s tweet. 👏👏👏

The first round of EOI is over and none of the Library Tech roles are left. Which is great for the people who actually lost their jobs, but I’m still kinda sad about it.

I’ve been back in my old role 2 months and the boredom has officially set in 😐

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