I have the day off so of course I'm writing an article for Incite.

One of my managers told me that FOH I should think of myself as a performer and I have never wanted to vom more 🤮

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The Arts Minister is visiting the library this morning, so they've swapped shifts around so I'm in the quad rather than my much older male colleague 😶

I'm definitely an "avoid everyone" person on my teabreak rather than a socialising one, and have been going to an area where I can do this. I went back to the old area today, am immediately reminded why I left having to listen to other's inane conversation 😑

Am I good at if the moderator doesn't engage with any of my tweets? 😂

So bored with my job right now. Hoping I won't have to wait until October for things to change.

Should I try and submit something for the CREATE issue of Incite?

Just bought flights to Canada for the zine librarians unconference!

One of my colleagues said my name and zines was mentioned at the CRIG event? @hugh?

Partner is out of town for the weekend so hello pizza and video games

Didn't get the job. Now in a mood of doom and gloom about how I'm going to be stuck a Library Officer forever.

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@hugh what’s the tag I use so the Aus glam blog bot doesn’t tweet my post?

And what makes a good powerpoint is incredibly subjective. I watched a Ted talk on the actual science behind it before making mine.

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Didn’t get the mark I was expecting for my assignment, so now I’m sulking. I lost marks on the powerpoint, as if that’s going to determine my quality as a Librarian.

Am now thinking about things I don’t want to think about, like parents hitting kids, or kids fighting and throwing stuff. Why is this now my job? 😖

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I have that Interacting With Children workshop today and I really, really wish I didn’t have to go. There’s a reason I don’t work in school libraries 🙅‍♀️

Finishing up my application. Not at all intimidated by the fact this team is made up of former collection managers and senior collection experts who’ve been working in libraries longer than I’ve been alive 😶

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Apparently people down Swan St are setting things on fire? I’m staying inside...

Not looking forward to the hellscape Richmond will descend into tonight. Why do I live here as a non-AFL supporter again?

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