So I’m now being solicited by private school librarians to do zine things? And they want to pay me? What is going on?

I have no clue what ~optimal~ social media times are. Should I launch the zine at 9am or 5pm tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s IZM prompt is leave zines in public places so I put my terrible drawing to the test so I can leave these around work

I spent an hour scanning the zine and the file size is too big 😩

While I do hate having to work weekends again because I can’t go into Sticky, I do enjoy the DILs to do errands and not having to fit then in around full time hours

The person who did this is the same person who brought stuff for the zine table without asking or telling me

Is this person really splaining the topic to the keynote speaker? Omg

Person not using microphone properly ✅
Comment not a question ✅

Doing a zine table at work the day before I leave for NLS9 was not one of my better plans

First rehearsal for NLS9 I’ve learned I can’t pronounce the word “hierarchical”

Today is a grand day indeed because my project is DONE! 🎉 😁

@hugh Thanks for your blog post Hugh, I really needed it.

I got some anti blue light glasses yesterday and getting used to wearing them is interesting... 🤓

Are NLS9 attendees going to appreciate a Parks and Rec reference on the lil zine library? 🤔

I was going to work on NLS9 today but then bed happened.

My partner has suggested I watch Ted Talks to prepare for NLS9. My criteria for what I wouldn't watch has been narrowed down to "No sport. No Elon Musk. No white dudes."

Didn’t think my morning would start with a photoshoot on my living room floor, but there ya go

Getting coffee with a director in 10 mins, everyone cross your fingers I don't make a fool of myself 😬

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