I feel kinda bad because we did tell our property manager we wanted to extend for 6 months. But our lease expired last week and he still hasn't sent us a new one to sign so... taking advantage of that month to month y/y?

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Well I can definitely say I didn't wake up this morning thinking about moving during COVID, but I just clicked submit on a rental application πŸ˜‹

I was keeping an open mind about MPOW's new diversity and inclusion workstreams until I somehow got left off the meeting invite despite the group I'm in only having SIX PEOPLE 🀬

Me trying to convince my partner to be a full stack dev at NFSA even though he's totally unqualified πŸ˜ƒ

Me: *needs to focus and be productive*
Everyone outside: Let's chop down some trees, use all manner of power tools, and not walk our dogs so they bark endlessly!

Continually sticking my neck out in meetings only to be consistently unsatisfied with responses

I've read all the updated COVID news for Victoria and I still can't work out when I can go more than 5km from my house :ohno:

Gosh is there anything more eye-rollingly vomit-inducing than these ugly testimonial graphics about why the ALIA board are ALIA members?

This staff survey makes for some juicy reading though. Our favourable engagement score is 56%
Management scored favourably but leadership and innovation certainly did not! πŸ˜‚

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I wish I could count the labour required to help my partner write his work report as my work time

Having my first psych appointment right after the feedback from the staff survey is announced was not the best timing on my part πŸ™ƒ

Here at the Yarra local Greens campaign launch. I don't really do subtle

I'm so sick of Mondays. How many more weeks of this can we stand

Obviously small businesses are not dishonest and terrible like MLM, but why should I support the small business of someone who I used to be friends with but hasn't talked to me in 4 years?

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I think acquaintance inviting you to like their small business on Facebook is the new acquaintance inviting you to participate in their MLM scheme on Facebook.

I have picked the wrong day of the year not to have any purple clothing.

We've been doing this for 5 months and we still have got meeting hosts having to mute everyone because people don't know how to manage their audio :yikes:

Iso stage: having a list to keep track of all the mail I'm expecting

I was today years old when I learned cows are female, and that cattle is the collective term 😬

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