Melbourne has decided to actually give me heatstroke this weekend when I visit. 36 on Saturday 🤮

Doesn't matter what organisation you're in, people still don't know how to mute themselves in online meetings.

Start my new job on Monday. Still don't have a network log in...

I really should have been keeping a running tally for how many people would tell me "You know it's really cold in Canberra?"

Has anyone ever had someone contact their references _before_ an interview? That's not normal, right?

Called the COVID 1800 number because my online account has been blocked!?!? :binfire:
40 mins later and I still have a blocked account, and no vaccine appointment!

Bless the person who has asked me to present to my work colleagues on Minecraft, because I don't think they really know what they've got coming 😈

When my partner is qualified for the digipres job at PROV but I'm not 😐

I can't be a librarian, but I can beat 4 teams of them at work trivia :success:

If someone tells you they'll let you know in a week, and it's been a week and a half, when is it appropriate to reach out to them?

Using this opportunity while working from home to try and get permission to attend all the online conferences. Anything to avoid Trove text correcting.

I go on leave for a week, and my branch comes up with what I can only describe as a "sharing circle" - all the things you didn't really want to know about your colleagues.


There's nothing like a bunch of exposure sites in your suburb to make you never want to leave the house.

But I have to, cos I have to get tested.

I'm sure the people walking into the BP after 9pm are definitely buying stuff that can't wait until morning.

My manager has given us permission to suggest outside the box ideas for things to do while working from home so I'm going to see if I can do a course on Udemy.

birdsite gripe 

Posted a mopey status on Twitter and everyone and their dog decides to come out of the woodwork to tell me how to go about getting a job, and have I tried networking? Got what I deserved, I suppose.

Survived possibly the most stressful interview of my life 🥳

Another day, another four librarian jobs at my own workplace I can't apply for.

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