Hi Peeps! the number of submissions for for the miniconf is looking a little sad 😥 If you are doing anything awesome in the Tech/GLAM space you should totally submit something. We want to hear from you!

Submit here! linux.conf.au/programme/minico


@saera I really wish I was doing something cool I could contribute ☹️ All I've been doing is Trove text correcting


I've got a ton of pretty cool FOSS projects, nothing GLAM though...


@freemo are they community related? we will also take them :) @kassi_grace


I suppose it depends on what you mean by community related.

The closest thing I can think of that is community related is a next-gen APRS protocol that will be backwards compatible with APRS. APRS is a radio service that provides a long-range public mesh network used to relay services, emergencies, information, and position tracking, so its sorta community oriented.


@freemo that would actually be a really cool topic for the main conference! you should consider submitting. That is very relevant to all the things our conference attendees are interested in linux.conf.au/programme/propos

@saera I would need some information to know if I would have the time to invest in it. I could probably make the time to put together a presentation of however long, but a writeup for submission if it needs to be anything too complex, might be a time sink that puts it over the edge for me.

The conference is all via streaming? What would the audience size be? The lack of travel means i can more likely fit it in.

@freemo 100% streamed, we have about 500-600 people attend each year. We have topics from Open Hardware to Kernal, Sys Admin, DevOps, Community, Ethics, GLAM. We have some big names coming and supporting the conference. We are the are one of the largest conferences in the southern hemisphere and completely volunteer driven. Some talks I've recently submissions I've reviewed in previous years go from Protocols to knitting to RISC-V to Drones to hardware hacking.

@freemo best to look at youtube.com/c/linuxconfau for examples of talks and the people that give these talks :)

@saera Very cool. I suspect part of the low turnout may be the streaming. Conferences in general, since many moved to streaming, have had low turnouts sadly. Send me a message tomorrow (I might forget) and we can discuss the details and see if i cant help out with a talk.

@freemo yeh we have no problems with attendance but like you said I think we are all just fatigued. Will ping you tomorrow.

@saera If attendence is still up thats great! Better than I can say for many conferences. Perhaps being in Australia attendence is improved since so many would otherwise have to travel from outside the country. USA conferences on the other hand tend to have a large portion of attendees as locals so they probably are the ones taking the bigger hit.

@saera It's definitely cool in that it's helping contribute to the community, but only doing that 5 hours a day is driving me a bit nutty

@kassi_grace yeh that's totally fair. I would suspect that many wouldn't know that you can correct things in Trove and there are people that do that for their day to day work.

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