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After the year 2000, I believe humanity will break beyond all physical constraints and all logical thought will begin to dissolve. ↯94MAR

Googling if it’s ok to take expired melatonin 30 mins after taking expired melatonin is probably the wrong way round

I’ve reached the age where now I go and visit gardens on the weekend

I haven’t actually announced this anywhere yet but I start a new role tomorrow, on secondment for 2 years. Switching out the library for ICT as a Product Manager for Culture and Collections. I keep being asked if it will be weird to not be a librarian any more (I still will be on the inside, that’s why they hired me), but it will be more weird to not have direct reports or be part of a senior leadership team. Change is as good as holiday etc etc

Welcome to my new show, ‘Cooking with ADHD’ aka ‘what is that burning smell?’

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