It would require a lot more involvement by more people , now we outsource it to the police and courts. How do we stop that turning into vigilante policing?

There are some models of the justice system working with indigenous communities in NZ and possibly here?? Not saying that's ideal, but it's a step towards moving it back to the community

When you look at what convicts were sent here for e.g. stealing a pair of gloves, massive decriminalization has already happened.

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Hi, I’m here for , still trying to learn about my new home Australia, currently living in Kulin land in Melbourne.

Also how are the people who rely on libraries for internet, computers etc been doing ?

From what I’ve been hearing there’s a lot of work to be done in treating staff better eg pressuring peoople at work when that work might not be everyone’s top priority , casualization of work force etc

Agree that the Victorian model of the public library no longer works but not sure what he was suggesting to replace it .

It would be great to see the new job keeper and jobseeker payments retained or increased as part of a move to universal basic income

A2 what would better glam institutions look like in a better world? And make them better.

Following Canterbury earthquakes in 2011 a number of elections were suspended for years and replaced by central govt appointees. Insurance companies took years to settle many claims, leaving people in wrecked houses with no certainty.

It seems like the media have not reportEd anything not related to covid -19 in the past few months. How would we know what’s going on? yeah, I know, personal responsibility

I’m here but tech isn’t my friend today so we’ll see how long I last

The spiritual relationship with the land is a big thing in NZ and also here as far as I can tell, and the stewardship of the earth’s resources for the community rather than profit is also a common thread.

Also clean energy. Why isn’t there more solar in this land of sunshine?

Rejection of the commodification of nature. Specifically talks about carbon credits etc but this attitude goes way back to early Christian ideas of “dominion over the earth”. ( this is only one Christian interpretation, and I’m not knocking Christianity as a whole. But this attitude has some of its roots here)

Deborah Cheetham's requiem Eumeralla is a resistance to forgetting what has happened in the past.

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