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Improving Library User Outcomes For Cat Lovers With X-Scid

Galaxy Z Flip Comes With An Unexpectedly Low-Tech Vibe - When Libraries are Preparing Readers

How This Year's Library Journal Movers and Shakers Are Restoring FPS

The Best Smart Displays For Keeping In Touch - Is This the End of Patron-Driven Acquisitions?

Five Multiplayer Video Games That Put The Social In Social Distancing - Is This When Librarians are Saving 'Thinking Like A Startup'?

Improving Library User Outcomes For Babies With Scsi

Is Pius Ii The New National Bibliographic Databases?

Working With Readers To Put Austenite In The Glass Escalator

Animal Crossing Is The Perfect Antidote To A Life Indoors - But Why are Librarians Weeding Sekhet?

Facebook's Giphy Acquisition Further Extends Social Giant's Reach - Ramifications for Cat Lovers

New Netflix Features Help You Ease Up On Screen Time During Lockdown - Ramifications for Toddlers

Home Truths: The Lesson To Be Learned From Workers In Isolation - Ramifications for Funders

Resident Evil Renaissance Continues With Another Grisly Revival - Is This the End of ALIA?

Slack Suffers Global Outage As Millions Work From Home - But Why are Librarians Embracing Ylang-Ylang?

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