I see more of my vet than any of my own medical professionals

According to your Ways of Thinking, we were born in the same year! (I was 16 when that event happened)

Exciting day, as the shared pipe in my unit complex burst for the second time in two weeks :( So much fun having to knock on neighbours doors and tell them the water will be out again for another few hours. Can't wait for it to break again.

The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!


It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?


Difficult to find the words, and impossible for me to effect political change in the US from over here. Solidarity with all uterus-havers there and here. :solidarity:

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Today's word!

I am sad I will no longer get my regular Antony Green fix anymore

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No, I do not have pet insurance. Yes, that was silly of me. No, I do not want to hear about raw food diets, essential oils, or how vets are soulless capitalist liars.

If you need something wholesome and heartwarming that will put a smile on your face, watch Heartstopper on Netflix. Lovely, sweet queer high school romances. 🏳️‍🌈 🥰


Congratulations to Anthony Albanese to overtaking Frank Forde's length of Prime Ministership. Congratulations to Scott Morrison, for being the first person to serve out a full term as Prime Minister since John Howard.

Melbourne folks: do you or anyone you know need a top-load washing machine? I have an LG WT-H550 in good condition which needs a new home. Bought initially for the extremely narrow (~550mm) space in a former apartment https://www.lg.com/au/washing-machines/lg-WT-H550-top-loader-washing-machine

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Why did the Nationals simply not choose Joyce Barnaby to be their new leader? 🤔 No one does more for rural citizens. There isn't a festival, historical area, or small business she hasn't worked hard to support.


This week I've had three different people spout racist bullshit in front of me... :trashfire:

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