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blm in Australia 

The NSW Police have had the protest declared illegal due to the health crisis, despite the fact thousands of people are out in public interacting every day, and distancing is fairly lax due to having 0 new cases for days and low single digits for a while before that. They’re even approving having crowds at sport games again, making this a pretty thinly-veiled attempt at suppression & intimidation.
And one that indigenous activists I know accurately predicted back in early March.

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Free online event:

"Developing and Delivering #Indigenous #Queer Studies"

Wed, 24 June 2020
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM AEST


"Presented by Andrew Farrel, Indigenous Early Career Academic Fellow, Department of Indigenous Studies , Macquarie University. Andrew's research is multidisciplinary with a focus on #Aboriginal LGBTIQ gender and sexualities, media and online studies, and drag performance."

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Language question: I know that the word "junkie" is frowned upon as it is dehumanising, but how do people feel about the word "addict" applied as a joke term? (e.g. I'm addicted to origami)

Reading and reflecting on Public Libraries are safe (and neutral spaces)…when people aren’t in


I know I've complained about this before, but there is an inherent classism when we only focus on how people won't be able to pay their mortgage and ignore those who won't be able to pay their rent.

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Apple, Google Release Smartphone Technology For Pandemic Apps - Where Libraries are Preparing Dog People

My union, which has a chapter devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, has yet to release any statement in solidarity with Indigenous Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter. I find this appalling. Every company and organisation I see is posting in support.

Courage in librarianship: what does it look like?

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Please remember that aggressively archiving the words and images of others without their permission can put those people in danger. There are times when the wide net "save everything" approach is harmful and we're living in one of those times.

Me: I need a backup career

Five minutes later, an email comes from the Victorian government, saying they're hiring new Public Service Officers.

I refuse to become a cop . I'd rather work in a sewerage farm: at least they have great birdlife.

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Paul Simon as an unsuccessful academic: 'Call me et Al'

I personally prefer to use all the free resources out there. There are so many free audio and video that I can simply google the type of mindfulness I want and the time and get what I want.

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cont.. I have some issues with Ross Harris: He has some very negative opinions about autism. I also think he is prescribed as the be all and end all, and if people don't find his approach to mindfulness helpful then they are blamed for not trying hard enough.

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Q5 I read Ross Harris’s The Happiness Trap which illuminated the whole concept of sitting with emotions and how this could be a key for living a life more in line with our values.

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Q2 I’ve been asked to run mindfulness sessions for staff. I was a little hesitant because mindfulness is not harmless. For some people, especially those with certain mental illnesses, mindfulness can actually trigger them rather than help. I feel an inexperienced leader like myself could at the least turn people off a potentially useful tool, and at the worst aggravate someone’s mental ill health.

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Q1: Mindfulness is a skill that involves focussing on the present. It’s about experiencing all that life offers, including the painful stuff. There’s a common misconception that it’s about relaxation: that’s not true. Relaxation is about calming yourself. Mindfulness is about feeling all your feelings, not just calm. It’s about learning to tolerate sadness, fear, worry, anger, irritation and uncertainty. This is a valuable skill for resilience, particularly during this time.

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It's but I don't want to have a twitter account. I'll answer here instead.

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