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Downloaded a seminal 20+ year old digital preservation text in PDF. This was what greeted me on opening it. 😬

So today my hard drive announced it was dying :ohnobubble:

Hoorah, the cat picture posting place will allow us to post news links again!

When the wrong type of dash stops the application from displaying properly...🤔

Apparently, there's been some Donate to an Oppressed White Librarian nonsense, so here's a much better cause:

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New blog post: 'Libraries are for everyone'—except if you're autistic and you want to work in one

COVID, lockdown 

I didn't realise how classist some lockdown rules were until I did the mini lockdown in a more affluent area. My last place had nothing within 5k except an overcrowded shopping centre and kangaroos.

My left arm is giving me grief. Trying to get in to see the doctor. I've also got a bit of foot pain, but I think that's due to now doing my cardio on wooden floors rather than carpet.


And we're out of lockdown!

COVID, lockdown 

Lockdown round #3. So far doing okay. Lucky to be in much better living situation this time.

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When I don’t really have anything to say I just boost other people’s stuff

COVID, ramblings, my worst enemy 

I've used the phrase "my worst enemy" just now. I don't actually have a worst enemy. Or even an enemy. I'm sure there's plenty of people who don't like me- but there's not many people I don't like. Political figures, perhaps.

No wait, I've realised who I hate more than anyone else- Andrew bloody Wakefield. Caused the massive distrust in vaccines and medical science that I'm sure had an impact on how people have reacted to this pandemic.


I don't take any joy in seeing an outbreak anywhere in Australia. I'd like to think not many Australians would.

Outbreaks are scary, depressing things. COVID is a terrible virus that can make you feel awful and can kill. Lockdowns can be isolating and frightening.

I wouldn't wish any of this on my worst enemy.

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investing in trans kids to short squeeze the TERFs

So, I accidentally ordered 15 rolls of paper towel... 😆 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️ 🗞️🗞️

More thoughts on sports:

One sportsperson who I do feel for is Nick Krygios, who has been vilified despite not being that bad. A bit volatile and fond of unusual insults, perhaps, but nothing on the scale of other sports people. I highly recommend his Reputation Rehab episode:

Terrible people, allusions to terrible things they've done 

Awards for terrible people, anniversary memorials for terrible people, and tennis players acting like jerks. The lesson is you can get away with anything if you're good at sport.


Still in the honeymoon stage of Biden and new place. Compared to what came before they seem fantastic. Not looking forward to the comedown when I realise I'm still a renter and Biden's no Ardern.

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