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Shark tanks and mysteries of the deep: More than 160,000 fish are kept in Australia's scientific 'fish library' - ABC News

FOR WHAT ITS WORTH, it works fine in Firefox, go figure?

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can someone please explain this? I mean the NGV is a BIG public institution who should have the resources to keep things up to date no?

"All of these librarians set the expectation that the fulfillment of job duties requires sacrifice (whether that sacrifice is government intimidation or hot coals), and only through such dramatic sacrifice can librarians accomplish something “bigger than themselves."


guess what unit I'm studying?

Anyone ever thought of becoming a "publisher" whatever that means in the 21st century? Is this mob legit?

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dunno if I'm preaching to the converted here nonetheless this seems pertinent

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Any breakfast can be a dinner if you try hard enough. And it works the other way around too! You don't have to be part of the tyranny of meals. Be free!

So; over on, I've been approached by someone claiming they want to work with me and my art as NFTs? Any thoughts? Anyone?

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Which of these thresholds would be too high for typical daily posts from a social media account?

(One of a series, boosts appreciated.)

#SocialMedia #polls

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I'm poking around on, and found this:-
definitely GLAM related...

I'm sick of generalisations like this from the New York Times today...

"“We have a strong sporting identity as a nation and the way that part of our identity gets represented in the world is important to us."

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