bad journalism 

Post funk is real. It’s one of the few places where I feel like I belong.

looked at the ALIA National programme and I only want to go to one talk. the first keynote... looks like I'm not going :)

Who’s genius idea was it to go to work the Monday right after running a week long conference? Oh that’s right me 😴🥴

Just finished my duties mostly unscathed. Now to go back to reality and start planning for . Videos are up on YouTube or the Linux Aus mirror if anyone is interested.

Glad I wasn’t home today and on the Gold Coast (probably the only time I will say that).

So is surrounded by a wedding expo, food and wine expo and a psychic reading expo... 🎵one of these things is not like the other... 🎶.

@alissa A friend linked me to a handy :birdsite: tweet. Someone reverse engineered the Airrater site and is now giving out hourly updates for Canberra.

the most exciting things about this christmas is the gin christmas crackers that I have that I finally get to use.

Well crap my Macleod train turned into a Mernda train 😔

It feels weird going to work today. There’s only 6 people on this train 😐

Wonder if the cinema would let me buy one ticket and hang out at the movies all day tomorrow... the heat will drive me insane otherwise.

Wearing 3 hats is hard. This week should be fun.

I keep going to write a blog post for about the emotional toll that volunteering takes on a person but it keeps getting ragey so I walk away. come back, then walk away. ugh

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