so I'm an hour into Windows 11 and I'm irrationally shitty that I can't move the taskbar. I have a wide monitor and previously had the task bar to the left so it's out of the way and I can utilise as much height of the screen as possible.

Stand back everyone. I'm installing Windows 11... if I'm not back in a few hours send halp.

VAXX!!!!!!!!! second dose done and dusted. Not to veg out on the couch and do nothing coz I’ve taken the day off.

I'm having a 90's nostalgia type of night. bring on 90's music

Linux Australia strategy day today. session selection committee meets tomorrow. It’s an Open Source kind of weekend.

joys of back to back zooms 

I've finally given up finishing my hot cup of tea. I've embraced it added a squeeze of lemon juice and ice to make it ice tea

What the Twitch leak has actually told us is the amount that Amazon/Twitch make from streamer subs. It's a shitload more than streamers that's for sure.

conference talks 

Finally finished reviewing 116 session submissions for LCA2022. suffice to say I'm le tired. I'm going to bed.


So it turns out that having no water in your suburb (expected return of midnight) is pushing people to all leave their houses to go to their family/friends places to use the toilet. This isn’t going to end well in a council area that is supposed to be in extra lockdown.

Conference Papers 

Reviewing conference papers/sessions is a long process. You read the proposal, you look up the work that they have done in the past, look at where they have submitted and spoken at in the past. Each proposal is taking me about 20 minutes a go and there's 116. Send coffee.

:birdsite: link but awesome Falcons! 

my reaction to the earthquake is similar to this vid. Apologies for the :birdsite: link

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In your opinion, which Linux distro strikes the best balance _and_ high levels in all four:
- easy for first-time Linux users
- accessibility features are functional and not an after thought
- inviting to contribute and be a part of the open source community
- allows for tinkering by exposing things, but doesn’t make things difficult or unnecessarily complicated
Boosts appreciated.

Unions - Melbourne Protests - COVID adj 

I'm a huge advocate for unions and the need for them but holy shit the violence that are coming out of these protests aren't doing anyone any good at all!

Jump into the shower, move the shower head slightly, thing falls off. Why does that sort of thing happen when you have a head full of shampoo? Off to Bunnings I go I guess.

wow the bunnings website is shite. turns out there's a bug where items you have added to your cart get removed, but if you change browsers and log in again they are there? great work bunnings!

If anyone needs a distraction today:

1st civilian space launch happens in 29 minutes

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I had to go to the desert to find the future of library discovery.

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