it's days like this I want to completely leave social media. nothing like a good stab in the back early in the morning. Trolls be trolls I guess. stupid :birdsite:

it's a good day when slack finally implements dark mode. my eyes thank you!

oh god I got stuck in the vortex again.... SAVE ME!

So, it's again.

This is your annual friendly reminder to *not* ask someone "are you OK?" unless you're prepared for when they answer "no".

Apparently I'm now a member of ALIA..... ummmmmmmm....

Just discovered the tool Notion. Why did no one tell me about this wonderful technology?!

best conspiracy theory ever - the stick figure car stickers that people use to diagram their families are just training data for smart cars to make trolley problem life value calculations.


today was a great day to forget an umbrella... </sarcasm>

/me goes to email @hugh about something. work that that there are far too many email addresses for him. chose one and hoped for the best.

it's sad when finding out that the iOS Outlook App now having Dark Mode is the most exciting thing that has happened today :)

I’m full on eating one of the biggest pork buns I’ve ever seen... PS4 controller for scale.

Found a really cool tool that may be of some use to fellow tooters

TIL that there is such thing as Turtle ASMR on YouTube. I'm very disturbed...

Wow it’s cold out there... /me goes back to bed

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