COVID adjacent: Helping the ASRC 

Not sure if anyone else has seen but in melbourne the ASRC are creating new pathways to employment for people seeking asylum. One of the ways was to provide catering. But because of Rona they haven't been able to run the catering service. As an alternative they will now do home delivered meals. Help them out at the food is amazing and it goes to a good place.

it's still out and tethering is bad. I've gave up and went and started building building my new lego set. I feel much more productive there.

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Working from home is hard when everything is in the cloud and there's no internet :thisisfine:

Just watched Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man. I’m now watching Guy Ritchie’s Snatch to forget that I just watched Wrath of Man

COVID - Toilet Paper 

I've got a woolies order due to be delivered tomorrow (ordered it a few days ago) I've just been alerted that they have run out of toilet paper. HOW ARE WE HERE AGAIN?!

covid vic 

also the Data Vis' that are coming out of Raevn is fantastic

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covid vic 

Damn... I'm back to doom scrolling. although watching Patricia Karvelas's twitter feed has been rather hillarious.

I've just eaten a ridiculous amount of craisins.... I'm in the middle of a sugar high and I don't expect this to end well

COVID - Mask wearing 

I’m at the Box Hill shopping centre and someone yells out “Masks are the gullible dickheads, you will all die from wearing masks!” Ummmmm

Woohoo - will be held online, worldwide, from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 January 2022 with the theme ‘Community’. Whack it in your diary now and prepare for another year of open source presentations.

But wait there’s more! Our Call for Miniconfs is open now! It’s time to start thinking about your proposal and get it submitted.

Today is the day I finally paid off my HECs debt. The same year I no longer have anything mentioning Tech or Digital in my job role. It's a jarring feeling. I think I feel a blog post coming on

it's currently 12 degrees outside and the ice-cream truck is parked outside my place. where were you in summer?!

I was only in a Zoom for 1 hour and only in the office for 45 minutes. Today was a good day

A few weeks I gave a presentation called "Navigating through The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - FOSS Communities from an Australian Perspective" for the University of New South Wales - John Lions Distinguished Lecture series. Well the video is now up and I'm on YouTube! I don't normally share things that I do but I thought I would this time as it was an absolute honour to have been invited to speak along side some tech giants.

My work has been 100% in people managing land the last few months. I’m craving a password reset request.

Ok so I caved and became one of “Those” people and bought an Oodie… I look like a giant fluffball but I’m warm and I don’t regret a thing. Also it has penguins on it!! 🐧

I've recommended it once but I will again.... The Elegant Puzzle by Wil Larson ( the amount of times I go back to it is amazing.

It's nearly 2pm and I've just woken up. Apparently I needed the sleep?

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