One of the few things I really really really miss about Stage 4 Curfews: I didn’t get woken up by the local bogans hanging doughies where it seems like it’s right outside my bedroom window at midnight.

It’s been every night since the curfew was lifted. And no cops to be seen. Tyre companies must be seeing a spike in sales in the last week. Ugh bogans 🤦‍♀️

question for my libraries brains trust:

What's a good/current position title for a Systems Librarian?

IMHO it seems a little outdated. I've seen Access and Discovery Librarian but wanted to get an opinion for those who are actually librarians :)

It's hard to not get emotional during Daniel Andrew's press conference...

Get excited! The 2021 Call for Sessions & Call for Miniconfs are open from now until 6th Nov 2020.

Our theme centres around a question many of us have been asking ourselves in 2020: "So what’s next?”.

If you have ideas or developments you’d like to share with the open source community at 2021 in Jan, we’d love to hear from you.

Best quote I heard last week was "Agile is just an excuse to write even shittier code, faster and cheaper" it's sad but true.

I can finally make some decent cold brew! The hack job I tried didn’t yield good result.

I feel like this last week and a bit has been full of "Hi I'm Sae Ra and I'm not a librarian" and it's either welcomed with scowls or blank faces

ALIA Information Online 

So today I got 2 quotes for online conference hosting platforms. one quote came in at just under $5,500 and the other just under $10K both offer similar services but the 10K one is australian based with a few extra perks... this is for a 3 day conference with FULL technical support

now this still brings me back to the question... Why is Info Online tickets and sponsorship packages bloomin expensive?! why are they trying to profit so much?

Call for Sessions is happening soon for keep an eye out for more details soon

ping @hugh

ALIA Info Online 

Looking at the Exhibitor "Partnership Package" the base price is $1K and that only gets you 1 registration. I don't hold hope for attendee ticket prices

ALIA - Info Online 

finally they have decided to go online.... a bit late

TFW: a library system presentation is talking about including contact tracing in their app. :yikes:

it's a "same song on repeat" all day kind of day.

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