My once a year phone call from my local friendly (not) recruiter to check and see if I’m still happy with my job. Suffice to say he tried hard.

just had a brilliant conversation with an old colleague of mine about research outputs, usage and repositories in Australia. we had a version of of what my boss has a "brain fart". I'm a bit excited so hopefully someone at work runs with me on this one.

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Wow Libraries Australia goes down and our people start to pack up and head home... it pains me that we are so reliant on other systems. surely there's a way we can use people's time whilst there are outages?!

Saw some code today that had values being divided by 0. I shut down my computer and went home.

I don't normally react to job ads but this Job Ad makes me sick, angry, ropable...

key highlights include:
- Helping Maintain Alignment in the CEO’s life
- Making the CEO look good, feel good and perform at a higher level
- Miscellaneous tasks for CEO – Personal & Business (from coffee to contract execution)

Here's the job ad for reference

A physical copy of a Journal has a button to check for updates... if only there was interactive paper...

Back at work tomorrow. Not sure I’m liking that idea

just set my out of office replies and noticed that the last time I set it was 2 job titles ago...

Kilderkin Cherry Gin is my new best friend.

Anyone in Tootland signed up to Up Banking? I’m hearing great things but just wanted to make sure it’s not some dodgy scheme 😀

So I accepted a nomination for President of the Linux Australia council. Let’s see how this goes shall we?

Voting opens next week if you’re a member.

That feeling when you go to do work for the day, do all this prep work and get ready to push to prod and... work out that you don't have the permissions to do that work you've requested access for 2 months ago and was told it was done.

Doing a constitutional change via a pull request is perfectly legit right?

queue mad rush of work to be done before the helpdesk closes.

Putting together my must attend conferences for next year. So much Agile and Open Source with a hint of libraries 😀

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