It's interesting with all this Huawei and Google stuff going on in the news. The Vendor hall that I've been walking through the last couple of day has them both in the same room literally within spitting distance of each other. It's tense!

“Everyone has to be better than average”


You know it’s a bit of a party hard kind of conference when they serve berocca with brekky

This conference feels like everyone is silo-ed and recreating work just so they can run things "internally". surely this costs a lot more money

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the more and more I use VS Code the more I wish Microsoft had its OSS revelation earlier.

now I need to organise police checks for IT and my team. awesome.

0730 is way too early for teleconference about security and library systems. send moar coffee!

Ick stuff written in Java for web! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Library Management System session 3 of 4 and it's more and more obvious to me that user experience is not high on anyone's list. POP-UPS EVERYWHERE!

TFW you find out that your brother is a hardcore Liberal.

just got interviewed for Digital Rights Watch. apparently some of the stuff I said was a bit loaded :|

got to teach a little bit of math today. 12 != 30

Damn and now I’ve found yet another podcast. I really need to stop looking at the internet so I don’t add to my list and/or shopping cart.

I really need to stop buying books. I have no space left and no time to read them

4 trains worth of of people trying to get on one train because of cancellations is a swell idea.

All meeting-ed out but I still have 2 to go!

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