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This week has been full of mixed emotions with a horrifying end to the week. Hug your family and loved ones and remember there is still good in this world.

20k-ish rows of data that I need to manipulate and update and I can't find a common thread to bulk edit in OpenRefine. My head is starting to hurt!

Just finalised my own registration for TechCamp. Turns out I had registered for everyone but me... oops!

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TFW you listen to a recording of yourself and you realise how bogan you sound...

That weird feeling when a Google Alert comes up for your name and it’s not a spelling mistake.

Whoever put the angry classical as background music during the standup today was either genius or psychic not sure which. 🤓🤔

I found out that my favourite Melbourne book shop Embiggen Books is closing down this year 💔

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Run out of spoons today. Going to be an early night I think

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