Heads up to all you Open Source lovers! Linux Australia has opened up it's Grants Program. $35K available. More info at lists.linux.org.au/pipermail/a /ping @hugh may be something NewCardigan might be interested in?

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We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource


should I nominate yes/no? and if yes can someone please nominate me? :)

Slack is down and the world is ending..... :thisisfine:

Code - COVIDSafe app 

I think we've already found our first problem with the app... 🤦 :thisisfine:

auspol covid 

“We have a 3 step process and it looks like this” - ScoMo whilst holding an A3 sheet of paper with 30 boxes in it. 🤦‍♀️

work rant 

Why are La Trobe people so hard to set a meeting with?!?

COVIDSafe App 

helping a whole bunch of people run tests on the covidsafe app.... my god it's a mess. Install it if you want but for the love gin, please be aware of the issues. Also despite what it says on the packet (COVIDSafe): it DOES NOT make you safe!

time to blast some music and ignore social media especially :birdsite:

I've decided that Japanese Curry is my go-to comfort food. Luckily I'm making some tonight

Went to my first Stitch n Bitch session tonight. There was definitely a lot of Stitchin and plenty of Bitchin.

CAVAL is running some webinars on Library Advocacy if anyone is interested? Any and all can attend :) members.caval.edu.au/members-e

Iso-game playing 

my new life is checking Turnip prices on Animal Crossing.

Last night was the first night I actually slept in weeks. It’s been go go go and my brain hasn’t stopped. I’m so relieved that I slept. It’s emotional just thinking about it.

Yes let's try and find a way to make money during this difficult time. $360 is a bit pricey...

ScoMo really has RAF - resting asshole face

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