ALIA and VALA + Facebook + auspol 

looks ALIA and VALA have been affected by the shutdown as well. This media code is a debacle

COVID with a large Gaming and Cross Stitch 

I've been gaming a lot to escape from the anxiety of COVID and i t's been quite therapeutic being able to slay some dragons and stab things with my cross stitch needle. Not sure how I would have coped otherwise.


Politics aside. geez there's some journalists that ask some very stupid questions.

I don't think I've ever seen the west gate that quiet... even last lockdown it was busy.

completely forgot that is today. wonder if people are actually attending? I'm only seeing a few tweets from the same people but not as much as I would normally see if info online

talks are slowly going up. If you spoke at ensure that you check the vid before approval. It will then be posted for sharing love.

Why did I just check my work emails?! *backs away slowly*

Thank you to @hugh and @Bonnie for keeping the tradition strong. It was a delight to watch and there was so much love. You had about 50 people turn up on and off (which is huge considering you were up against Open Hardware). Will run a proper report for you and let you know. But thank you again and to your speakers it was full of awesome ❤️

logged into the streaming platform and saw this.... ONLY 17 hours left!!!!

Nothing quite like having to rebuild your PC 1 day before conference proceedings start...

The countdown is on: Just 7 days ‘til 2021 😱 . Have you got your tix? We can’t wait to hear from our speakers, including keynotes, Cory Doctorow @pluralistic, Omoju Miller & Limor Fried. Here's a wee teaser from Cory.

who's brilliant idea was it to run a conference in January?! also... what day is it?

Buggered after running training and keeping track of all the tech checks. So glad it’s all nearly done. The actual conference days are going to be hectic...

Keen to attend 2021 (online from 23 to 25 Jan) but need a bit of help to get there? Thanks to our Outreach and Inclusion sponsor, Arm, we have funds set aside to provide financial assistance to attendees who might need it.

For more info to to:

Well crap... I just realised that it's 19 days until THERE'S TOO MUCH TO DO!

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