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My original was deleted so...

I'm Sae Ra or MsMaryMac on other platforms. I'm a non- but a Manager of Library stuff by day and a volunteer of tech stuff by night. I'm trying to bring my Open Source-ness to the Australian Library tech scene.

I'm always happy to chat about anything from Libraries to Cross Stitch to random excel tips n tricks.

question for my Library Frens 

Is there an alternative to Web Dewey? I know I can probably google it but I just got the bill for it and it seems a bit pricey for what we get…

Public Transport after 2 years 

Today will consist of a start where I leave at 6am to head to work and I get home just after 6pm. How did I do this 5 days a week pre-COVID?!


Also the thought of having 🥔 as the opposition leader is already making me sick

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auspol "illegal boats" birdsite link 

auspol Antony Green 

For those of you that will be tuning in to Antony Green at his best (election night) you should pre-watch this keynote that he did for so you can see the statistical processes he uses to call the election. So Much Stats, Much Awesome.

Conference Apps 

Why are conference apps so shite?! it can't be that hard!

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Suppose I wanted to create a statically generated site, exclusively for posting photos. I would like to be able (at least theoretically) to expand some of the site generator's functionality via a plugin or by sending a patch. That means in terms of languages I'm limited to professional Python and barely conversational JavaScript.

How is it already Sunday 4pm?! I want my weekend back.

An LCA friend of mine has her massive knitted hanging piece on display at the SLV (they’ve agreed to preserve it for her). I suggest you all go and see it. It’s a stunning piece with fully programmed lights and it was knitted with a hacked knitting machine.

ausvotes part 2 

So there's an independent that is running for Senate by the name of Max Dicks. I'm sure as hell not going to google that to find out his policies


one of the candidates in my electorate is a snake wrangler... I really do live in the country

Lego Call Centre hold music 

There's a really badly tuned piano for their hold music but to top it off I can pick the wrong note. 20 minutes of this so far is damaging.


ScoMo is going to get re-elected isn't he?

Digital Rights Watch - Melbourne Surveillance Track 

Not sure if anyone is interested but Digital Rights Watch is running a Surveillance walking tour of Melbourne to show the impacts of surveillance in a public and private setting. the Walking tour is here


I know I have COVID brain but I can't see any taxis in this pic!

people at work are very shocked when I say I don't read fiction books... I'm just not interested in fiction books?

it's 8:48am.... is it too early for a 2nd coffee?

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