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My original was deleted so...

I'm Sae Ra or MsMaryMac on other platforms. I'm a non- but a Manager of Library stuff by day and a volunteer of tech stuff by night. I'm trying to bring my Open Source-ness to the Australian Library tech scene.

I'm always happy to chat about anything from Libraries to Cross Stitch to random excel tips n tricks.

Introducing Everything Open, the grassroots open technologies conference covering Linux, open source software, open hardware, open data and the communities around them. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Naarm (Melbourne), Australia in March 2023.

Remarkable are finally making decent changes to their subscription services. also...... infinite scrolling pages!

typical mum response 

In typical Korean mum fashion... so I told my mum yesterday that I was awarded the 2022 Distinguished Alumna award in 2 categories from Fed Uni. her response was "why don't you have your PhD yet? you should at least have your masters by now!"

TFW you go to look for your Opal card and then realise the last person you lent it to was your old CEO. there's no way in hell I'm going to get that back now... that mid 2019!

I hate that the fact that when I see John Howard on the tv, I immediately wonder why my dad is on tv...

I need more "ISO 8601 or GTFO" stickers

tough day 

you know it's a tough day when you haven't had a coffee yet and it's already 3:13PM

Australian Institute of Company Directors 

It was "highly" recommended to me that I do the AICD Company Directors course. Looking at the $12K price tag it's ridiculous to expect that someone would be able to afford to pay for it themselves. That sort of money is a massive barrier to entry and definitely NOT inclusive.


Today I had to remind myself to breathe otherwise I would have lost my shit. So glad I’m taking a long weekend.

Research Project 

I'm in the final stages of this research project for this Uni that has contracted us to do some work for them (the ones that said we weren't qualified to do).

I'm hating and loving doing this Lit review. loving it because new knowledge but hating it because it's reminding me of my honours thesis and reminding me how terrible that experience was.

oh crap, I accidentally selected all and pressed enter which then proceeded to open 300 pdf research papers. my computer is now proper stuck. I might need to hold down the power button.

Vague Toot v2.0 

Just sent out an pre-announcement to our members about things and stuff. Official announcement goes out next week!

I'm really struggling to context switch today. I think I need a coffee.


go to unsubscribe from a mailing list I didn't subscribe to...

for me to contact support I have to register to get support which puts me on another list? ugh

Library Vendors 

Someone caught wind that work is implementing a new library management system. I'm now getting requests for meetings from all of the players. Too late!

Webex gripes 

So I had to install webex today to attend a meeting, and I diligently uninstalled it, but realised that there were still processes running. Turns out to completely remove it you have to run a ridiculous Web Ex Meetings Remove Tool to get rid of the lot. what's the point in uninstalling again?

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