going to see genevieve bell speak about AI on my birthday is clearly normal things to do on your birthday right?

It’s feeling like a Presets kind of day. 🎶

My work credit card statement for the month will look messed up. Ticket to a change management conference, Dan Murphy’s, Bunnings and Kmart. And I’m yet to do the Etsy part of this months shopping...

Don’t get me wrong there’s some good 90’s pop music but this is pure crap.

Bluetooth speakers and crap music should not be allowed on public transport. I feel like I’m in a 90’s pop dance party

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This is awesome (also a reminder that 'the government' is large - it contains multitudes):


Bloody Shiraz Gin& Tonic jelly with lemon sorbet is genius! Fucking genius

what would be really nice right now is a breakfast delivery service. there's none in my area :(

you know when you have an ageing group of staff... there's retirement home pamphlets on the staff room table 🤔

My mind is going at about a thousand thoughts an hour. Lots to think about, strategise and reflect. One day sleep will happen.

geez the new Windows Terminal is a pretty thing to use. WSL is getting better and better every patch

I feel as though I have wasted a day. Time to call it quits and have an early weekend

VALA Survey 

I like how my job today consisted of working out which has the more/better wine selection for dinners

Had to escape work in fear of yet another meeting. This week has felt like a complete write off mixed with so many questions of “what is it that I do here? What is my actual job?” Who the hell knows really.

Why are people in 2019 still trying to recall emails?!

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