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It’s arrived and I’ve already hacked it 😀. I’m 2 hours in and I approve

House/Office to myself today... time to blast some music. I think it's an Infected Mushroom - The Pretender kind of day

my Remarkable 2 hasn't even shipped/arrived yet and I'm already looking at ways to hack it

Finally came up with a talk title:

Navigating through The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - FOSS Communities from an Australian Perspective

Now to write the damn thing

I've been asked to give a guest lecture about Open Source Communities at UNSW next month. Given my mood about FOSS Communities this week, I'm not sure they want my response just yet 🤣

Reasons why reading survey responses are frustrating #4923847:

Question: "What did you like...."
Answer: "Yes"
Question: What didn't you like..."
Answer: "Sure"

lolwut? has been announced that it will be held online. Call for bids for a Hybrid Conference for was also announced. More information at the following link.

MPOW part 2 

Moved offices this morning, already walked straight by my new office to my go to my old because of habit at least 6 times.

I never would have though that in 2021 I would be shopping to buy my first printer but here I am. sadly it's not a 3D printer 😥

Listened to a recording of something I did last week... wow I hate the sound of my voice!

ALIA and VALA + Facebook + auspol 

looks ALIA and VALA have been affected by the shutdown as well. This media code is a debacle

COVID with a large Gaming and Cross Stitch 

I've been gaming a lot to escape from the anxiety of COVID and i t's been quite therapeutic being able to slay some dragons and stab things with my cross stitch needle. Not sure how I would have coped otherwise.


Politics aside. geez there's some journalists that ask some very stupid questions.

I don't think I've ever seen the west gate that quiet... even last lockdown it was busy.

completely forgot that is today. wonder if people are actually attending? I'm only seeing a few tweets from the same people but not as much as I would normally see if info online

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