Unfortunate Dvorak layout typos 

@futzle well it's not too far from the truth really.

@pelagikat now I imagined a meeting room full of people holding t-bone steaks

@hugh unlock phone, open wallet and then use it, I struggle doing it the other ways.

Research Project 

I'm in the final stages of this research project for this Uni that has contracted us to do some work for them (the ones that said we weren't qualified to do).

I'm hating and loving doing this Lit review. loving it because new knowledge but hating it because it's reminding me of my honours thesis and reminding me how terrible that experience was.


@hugh me neither... apparently it's being taught though so 🤷‍♀️. I genuinely want to know who does use the word that wouldn't be in a report of some sort.


@hugh is it a word that Clarivate came up with?

Pauline Hanson 

@hugh was the easiest and most satisfying application of policy that I have the privilege of being a part of, although the auDA team deserves all the credit. We just make sure the policies are applied appropriately.

meat, alcohol 

@mike ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. @hugh

meat, alcohol 

@hugh lol I did the EXACT same thing. except the evening run was an evening walk

@mattcen yeh I wish there was a option for it. sadly not.

oh crap, I accidentally selected all and pressed enter which then proceeded to open 300 pdf research papers. my computer is now proper stuck. I might need to hold down the power button.

@hugh Thanks! We should have drinks soon (need to find a warmer outdoor venue though)

@petrichor I automatically went to logic mapping, process diagrams and UML. I learnt this as a pre-text for programming. I don’t think you need background knowledge. They teach logic in schools now as well.


@petrichor @platypus @twsh I also have a RM2 and I’ve added in my own templates and start screens. Love it for taking notes and I’ve completely stopped using notebooks etc because of it. I was however in the early group that gets cloud sync for free and it’s been really good to use, even used the screen share option over zoom to do brainstorming work.

@hugh thank you so much for your excited email response. it was a lot more enthusiastic than others 😃

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