:birdsite: link but awesome Falcons! 

my reaction to the earthquake is similar to this vid. Apologies for the :birdsite: link


@matt @stragu @elementary it is lovely to use as well. IMHO it's one of the frustrating reasons why people don't use Linux because there's choice overload

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In your opinion, which Linux distro strikes the best balance _and_ high levels in all four:
- easy for first-time Linux users
- accessibility features are functional and not an after thought
- inviting to contribute and be a part of the open source community
- allows for tinkering by exposing things, but doesn’t make things difficult or unnecessarily complicated
Boosts appreciated.

@stragu I would say that it's a toss up between 3 of Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS. I would recommend starting with Zorin because it's the closest to Windows/Mac looking and then graduate up to Mint then Ubuntu.

Unions - Melbourne Protests - COVID adj 

I'm a huge advocate for unions and the need for them but holy shit the violence that are coming out of these protests aren't doing anyone any good at all!


@hugh OMG!

Jump into the shower, move the shower head slightly, thing falls off. Why does that sort of thing happen when you have a head full of shampoo? Off to Bunnings I go I guess.

covid vaccine queue 

@mattcen :success: so happy for you!

covid vaccine queue 

@mattcen yeh my first appointment I made sure I booked the first appointment for the day and got there an hour early. it was 30 minutes late even that hour

covid vaccine queue 

@mattcen I'm torn being excited that the line is so long (because so many are getting vaxxed) but then sad because the line is that long (because it's massive waits which put people off)

wow the bunnings website is shite. turns out there's a bug where items you have added to your cart get removed, but if you change browsers and log in again they are there? great work bunnings!

@hugh I'm guessing the 🖕 could get used quite a bit for a restructure meeting

If anyone needs a distraction today:

1st civilian space launch happens in 29 minutes youtu.be/3pv01sSq44w

@hugh @alissa I really can't wait to tell you my ideas about a distributed conference model. when I can discuss it I will run the idea by you :)

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I had to go to the desert to find the future of library discovery.

@hugh you have my sympathies. I have a similar day. When do we get our actual work done?!

@mattcen yeh it’s not good. But then again who needs bags when you’re not travelling? 🤷‍♀️

@mattcen if you need a replacement crumpler… I would suggest looking soon. (Apologies for the :birdsite: link) twitter.com/SmartCompany/statu

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