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Just finished the with the VALA AGM, was hoping to have a quiet night of it with a glass of wine, turns out not so much... Some big changes are happening in the next few months and I'm both excited and tired by the thought of it. But I know it will lead to better things.

I will never understand the world of DNS. it's this black box of WTF most of the time.

oooo and I forgot to add that I'm a former Animal Crossing New Horizons addict.

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My original was deleted so...

I'm Sae Ra or MsMaryMac on other platforms. I'm a non- but a Manager of Library stuff by day and a volunteer of tech stuff by night. I'm trying to bring my Open Source-ness to the Australian Library tech scene.

I'm always happy to chat about anything from Libraries to Cross Stitch to random excel tips n tricks.

I'm not supposed to be working today but guess what I'm doing.

COVID part 2 

Thanks for all the well wishes, DHS have been really good in checking in on me every day. But what I can say is thank you science for vaccines!

Most frustrating part of all of this aside from the “mild (whatever) flu like symptoms” is how much it’s effected my brain. I’ve felt like a completely dumb arse, spelling gone to shit, brain is fuzzy, sentences not making sense. Just feel broken.

Apparently I’m on the mend though so that’s a positive.

ugh family 

TFW your half sister contacts you after 7 years of nothing and even back then it was a short conversation after not hearing from her for 20 years before that.

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