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Research Integrity training is SO BORING! and I sadly don't see a way of improving it at all.

Ex Libris 

so turns out EL's Chicago data centre is completely out taking down an entire service all over the world. It's because of a single ISP outage. I have sympathy for the tech team having to now finish it. but this is bad.

2 Questions for my resource description frens:

1) is the RDA toolkit really behind a paywall?
And if so

2) why is it? isn’t that gatekeeping people from being able to “do RDA”?

Link to birdsite - Library Software glitch 

This popped up in my feed and it's sad that I know which product it is and exactly why it's happening but I love the comments and conspiracies that go with the commentary. :birdsite:

OCLC v Clarivate 

I like how Clarivate is a "multi-billion-dollar conglomerate" and OCLC is this poor non-profit library organisation. This press release has done a great job of showing how terrible they both are.

Packing for a conference 

You know you're packing for a conference when you have more cables than clothes. But I do have sparkly tights so that's a bonus right?

Question for my GLAM frens:

Is there a self hosted FOSS object repository for cataloguing antiques and various stuff? a friend's FIL passed away and need to start cataloguing the estate :(


Vendor: We want the best response rate possible and meet our SLAs
Me: so why is there a ticket you haven't responded to in 3 weeks? your SLA says response by day 3!

One of my team is presenting next week at VALA2022 and I’m so proud of her. She is going places and I can see an amazing future for her

VALA2022 prep 

I'm reviewing a pre-record of a keynote and I am now feeling bad about my digital impact on the environment.

fun story: entire network outage around work means you can't even get into the building, but it takes out the damn coffee machine as well 🤦‍♀️

TIL that the office has an actual letter box. nothing has been in it for years until today but still...

question for my Library Frens 

Is there an alternative to Web Dewey? I know I can probably google it but I just got the bill for it and it seems a bit pricey for what we get…

Public Transport after 2 years 

Today will consist of a start where I leave at 6am to head to work and I get home just after 6pm. How did I do this 5 days a week pre-COVID?!


Also the thought of having 🥔 as the opposition leader is already making me sick

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auspol "illegal boats" birdsite link 

auspol Antony Green 

For those of you that will be tuning in to Antony Green at his best (election night) you should pre-watch this keynote that he did for so you can see the statistical processes he uses to call the election. So Much Stats, Much Awesome.

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