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So the word on the street is that Catalan Wikipedia is great at Wikidata integration in infoboxen. But does that mean that is a good infoxbox Lua module to copy to a new wiki?

woohoo, realtime preview (a new side-by-side editing preview pane) is now available on!

"Name all the things!" Great point here about getting people who write for a living to name things in software (before it's written, even).

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#OpenStreetMap is going to turn 18 years old very soon!

To see what parties are available in your region, check this page. Nothing there? Why not organise something yourself. 😄

It's very windy in Fremantle this morning. I've been watching the posties leave the post office, wobbling along on their bikes.

So the thing about having getEntity() on an unlinked wiki is that it's suddenly easy to do things like automatic authority control lists and {{CiteQ}}. This is totally fun.

When you use InstantCommons with large images, their thumbnails can take a while to generate — and it seems that sometimes the local wiki caches this delay as the image not existing. I was getting annoyed by this last night, but come morning everything is resolved and displaying perfectly.

Right, I have a working camera and the last bit of sunlight. Clyde Fenton pics incoming.

I was just settling down to do a bit of scanning (books with photos and clippings stuck in them), but when I got the camera out to do some 'as stored' photos — its battery is flat! So I'm having a beer while it charges, and hopefully will get something done before too long.

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After four years, I've put 10 reasons down on why Twitter users should move to @Mastodon without losing their twitter
friends. Sound weird? Let me explain.

I've finally started making a todo list of things that need fixing with the Category Browser:

It's surprising how easy it is to bring a MediaWiki site back to life from backups after many years. Everything seems to just work, and the upgrade was painless!

So far. (I'm still trying to wrangle rclone to do clever copy-between-remotes and other things.)

It seems like White Gum Valley might be named after Wandoo, because the only other white gum that Wikidata knows about is a t'ohersider.

Does Wikidata really not let us say what suburb a thing is in?! (I guess I knew that already, but still… hurrumph or what?)

I'm sort of wondering about resurrecting FreoWiki, a civic wiki that we worked on about ten years ago in the Fremantle Society. I've still got the database etc. and it wouldn't be hard to turn it on again.

There are now 1,076 Australian place articles using Wikidata population values! (Not that I'm obsessively editing Perth suburb articles or anything.)

This is part of a recently project to make it easier to keep Australian population data up to date in Wikipedia:

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Rediscovering my appreciation of these almost perfect little devices for delivering a rapid jolt of java. This one has been sitting forlorn and unloved on a shelf behind the stove for a few months as I used a small plunger. But, no longer.

Terrific meetup today with Perth Wikimedians. It's been a while since the last one! About ten people turned up, despite the rainy weather. 😃

Next meetup will likely be Sunday 21 August…

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