For some reason there are lots of suburban parks on , e.g. and they mostly appear on the "needs photo" lists. I don't really think they're notable, but more than that I don't like them on my todo lists. So while I'm out cycling I'm taking photos of as many of them as I can!

Wikidata has the location wrong for that one as well.

And in the end, I only got one photo — and it was for a park that wasn't even in Wikidata! So I had to add it.

@samwilson Oh thats neat! I might double check my local parts are loaded in.

Do you have an projects that use wiki data that you're fond of?

Is it kind of like open data, but linked in with an existing knowledge graph?

@georift One of the cool things about Wikidata is the way it forms a hub for other datasets. Like every thing or concept that exists in another open dataset can have a Wikidata item, and so join all those other datasets together.

@samwilson I love all these adhoc tools that pop up, probably out of necessity, to keep the wheel on the bus!

@samwilson Your comment on the dataset had me digging.

I've previously worked with the Austrlian Charities register and wondered how I could link this with WikiData.

I found the property P10081 ( that seems close to what I'm after, but I don't think it's widely used.

@samwilson It looks like this identifier has changed it was added late last year, for example checkout this entry (

I don't think this identifier is official, it feels more like an internal website ID, when working with the source data found on I uniquely identify a charity by it's ABN.

What are your thoughts on this? My gut is it should be deprecated.

@samwilson I may have understood the meaning of linking data in WikiData, are URLs more central to this approach? Would it instead be better to update the urls and identifiers for every charity?

@georift I'm not sure, I'll look closer when I'm back at the computer. But it looks like that ID for Beyond Blue still works and is correct. Cetrtainly there's possibly other more useful identifiers. The main thing is for all IDs that refer to the same entity to be stored in a central place.

@georift You're right, it does look like an unusual ID, but it also seems to be the only one that's exposed on the ACNC website. If it's stable and unique, then it's fine to use in Wikidata.

@samwilson Yep makes sense, I think the ID WikiData started using late last year is being phased out, when you follow the link it says "Page moved" and points to a page with a new format identifier (something uuid style with hyphens)

Doesn't really affect my toying with WikiData as I'm able to pivot based on ABN, but should I maybe raise this with Dhx1 who originally proposed this property?

Super interesting, I feel I've found a new rabbit hole to fall down. Thanks for all the tips.

@georift Hmm, good point! Well, top marks to ACNC for maintaining backwards compatibility, but you're right it'd be better to point to the right thing. I wonder if they have an actual ID somewhere in the system and maybe a better URL that could be used. You should definitely raise it on the property talk page (and ping the previous discussion participants). 😃

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