Another Western Australian history wiki: (the Western Australian Military Digital Library)

I'm on a nearly empty train, it's a sunny cool day, and I'm meeting a friend for coffee before hunting for some family graves. I don't add things to because of its licencing, but there doesn't seem to be a good open alternative -- although it is quite possible to use Wikidata and Commons for much of the same purpose (just not sure what would happen if everyone started doing that!).

It was a terrific Geogeeks evening tonight. Lots of people, pizza, and conversations. Do I want to get a drone for ?! Might be fun! Certainly I want to do more -centric .

Although, I think tomorrow is going to be more about grave-centric pedestrianism. (I'm going to the cemetery with a camera and a list of dead relatives — ).

I keep thinking I'll move my stuff out of and into static sites — but there's just something so speedy and freeing about editing a wiki! It's such a great way to record research as well as publish things (not that I'm very good at either).

The things about it that worry me are a) long-term hosting of a web server; and b) the tendency of self-hosting to make one avoid sharing material elsewhere (e.g. static sites generally have their full-res images hosted externally).

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