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Join us this Sunday for another day out (hopefully not in the rain). This time in Fremantle!

We'll meet for coffee in the morning — before some local surveying as well as some "armchair mapping" from a nearby meeting room.

Register here:

I hardly slept at all last night, but sitting in South Freo with a coffee is returning me to human. Will wander about soon and collect some more address data for . Although I also really want to get back to scanning these Cossack telegrams...

The Map and Chart shop in has printed us a nice map (despite being slighly unsure to start with whether they could print someone else's map).

While I was in there I got to show the fellow how to edit POIs, and he was into it! I mean, a map shop should probably be keen on , I'd think.


Inkatlas is a great little service for quickly printing maps from . I know I ought to be able to prepare my own with , but I'm not very good at it! I like printing A4 atlases of places I'm going on holiday.


There's an mapping day this weekend in Vic Park (Perth, Western Australia). osmcal.org/event/1348/

I'm out mapping Freo addresses in . Trying to make it easier to geolocate the FSPS1978 pics. I still want to find an old UBD though (probably a pre-1955 one that is PD, but a 1978 one would be great for reference).

Anyway, have stopped at The Local to replenish my surveying feet.

I love it when I ask for a route from an router and it gives me exactly what I know is the right way to go. It works for cycling far more often than it does for walking, because we've got lots more footpaths to add around here!

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