@lightweight There is something fun about Subversion's ability to track a huge directory tree (and only checkout subbranches). For single-developer projects, it's totally fine. Appalling for branching and merging etc. though! 😛 I once had my entire home directory in a Subversion repo (dotfiles to the max or something).

@lightweight Isn't it still used for WordPress plugin releases? It used to be that every WP developer had to use it! (Although, it's been a few years since I touched any of that.)

@jc This feels like the sort of thing that should default to using a CC license, but instead seems to just want people to license for this specific use. I wonder what happens long-term.

@BalooUriza It's possible to export notes to GPX, which maybe could be loaded into MagicEarth and form the waypoints for a route? wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/No

There's an mapping day this weekend in Vic Park (Perth, Western Australia). osmcal.org/event/1348/

Interesting podcast with Matthew Westerby about the wiki for the History of Early American Landscape Design: betweenthebrackets.libsyn.com/

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A web site designed for one person that aggregates functionality (don’t thing “app” but plug-in style “features”) is the idea behind the Small Web:


#smallWeb #smallTech #singleTenant #personal

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@killyourfm @thunderbird Searching is a massive one, I find. It's usually me, three weeks later, thinking "oh, what was that thing I noticed in some feed ages ago?' and there it is! Magic.

@JacksonBates oh ha! For some reason I thought the house and town were in about the same place! Good to know. :-)

@JacksonBates ha! Oh dear. It's named after the writing paper that was named after the town (or house? I dunno). Not sure if that makes it any better! :-P

I've added a thing to my static site generator: it reads all the frontmatter metadata into a database when building sites, and it's now possible to edit that database and then write the metadata back into the Markdown files. basildon.netlify.app/writing.h

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@FirstProgenitor I'll double down on that.

Stop making YOUTUBE VIDEOS instead of wikis.

@leigh Funny lookin' train! Is this Australia's take on a Pacer?

@jan I really need to get on an add webmentions to my website — then I wouldn't have to reply to you here on the fediverse. :-P

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What’s the IndieWeb. Do I need it? Why would I want it?

Here’s what you probably need: a place on the web to call your own, that is _not_ controlled by megacorps that can do just about whatever.

Won’t be long till you start thinking about Webmention, though, which enables cross-site conversations. And `h-entry`, which enables more meaningful webmentions.

That’s about all most folks would ever need, I think.

Micropub is nice to have, because when done right, it works regardless of your CMS.

@xnx38h It looks like something that should go through an underground tube! Very cool.

Did I really spend 3 hours convincing myself that I had a bug in which a Less variable changed its value when I used it in a different scope? Yes indeed. And was it actually just that I had a typo in the variable name? Well, I feel quite silly.

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Had an interesting start to a conversation yesterday about Mastodon servers, and the driving philosophy under them.

And how you're either aiming to create a service or a community, and how these actually have different motivations and requirements.

And I thought that was interesting.

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