@brion But do they have any leather bits? And are their brass nobs artisanal?

I've returned to scanning A3 civil registration certificates, with an A4 scanner. :-( It's not that hard to get the two halves matched up again, and it's only text so it doesn't matter that much if it's not perfect. It's certainly a rather slow process!

@dimitrisk The number one thing I try to show people is how to add notes to OSM (via whatever app, but usually OsmAnd or StreetComplete).

Personally, I'm an OSM-only traveller, and it's vary rarely gotten me into any problems! (Only once did I manage to drag my suitcase all the way up a staircase in Spain only to have to drag it all the way down another set of steps on the other side! Don't worry, I fixed the map.)

@vincent @natecull I'm assuming something to do with sheep? Or is that Ed Shearing?

@legoktm I know, and it does totally make sense! I just think the UI should make it clearer that being a member doesn't mean you get notified of many things.

I think Gitxxb has it better, in that watching is the more obvious/common action, and being a member of a project is a whole different thing.

@Vierkantor Very true! I just spent my fortnightly half hour stuffing around with getting an external monitor to work — and I love my Compose key remapping for caps lock!! 😛

I never understand 's distinction between project members and watchers. Why do members not get notified of everything? Why must they take separate action to watch a project?

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Is there any mood out there for a #Perth fedi meetup?

Tagging those who I happen to know (or at least think) live in or near Perth: @jon_dog @samwilson @Quokka @vidak @LiangSijie - boosts encouraged because I'm sure there are more of us out there...

All wrapped up and done with for now (not allowed to touch the thing till after judging!) so it's time to go home. Possibly via the pub.

Part of our project needs to query Wikidata from within a wiki page, so now we can (in Lua): github.com/samwilson/UnlinkedW

day two has begun! It began a few hours ago actually, with breakfast-time paper planning, but now that coffee has come the real work can start, and hopefully the wifi will keep up.

@nemobis I did find it, yep! Seems cool. But I think I agree that there's a different sort of thing wanted for managing a photo collection — definitely needs to integrate to the fediverse though! I did have a brief look at making a fediverse plugin for Piwigo… but didn't get very far! 🙂

@quiddity no mediawiki?! Outrageous!! I haven't used a one-click install for years. Good old cpanel :-)

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So the word on the street is that Catalan Wikipedia is great at Wikidata integration in infoboxen. But does that mean that ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%B2d is a good infoxbox Lua module to copy to a new wiki?

woohoo, realtime preview (a new side-by-side editing preview pane) is now available on mediawiki.org!

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