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I cycled in today on my "small fast" bike which I've not used for a while, and strewth! I'm not used to this sort of acceleration. Zoom goes me.

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uncle brion's hard-won guide to timestamps 

1) there are two valid storage formats: elapsed seconds since a known epoch (Unix or otherwise), or ISO 8601 including a timezone

2) never try to convert between them yourself. use operating system or standard library facilities.

3) if you are storing a human-visible local time, DO NOT STORE BARE LOCAL TIME. store UTC and the timezone identifier.

4) do not attempt to convert time zones yourself. use the operating system or standard library facilities.

Beaufort Street pretty much fully mapped! Or at least this part of it. Six people can do a lot in a couple of hours.

And in the end, I only got one photo — and it was for a park that wasn't even in Wikidata! So I had to add it.

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Wikidata has the location wrong for that one as well.

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For some reason there are lots of suburban parks on , e.g. and they mostly appear on the "needs photo" lists. I don't really think they're notable, but more than that I don't like them on my todo lists. So while I'm out cycling I'm taking photos of as many of them as I can!

I love it when I ask for a route from an router and it gives me exactly what I know is the right way to go. It works for cycling far more often than it does for walking, because we've got lots more footpaths to add around here!

It's a lovely sunny day, but I've got new mudguards for my bike so I'm going to install them anyway and go for a ride. I'm sure the rain will be back within a few days, and I'll be glad of them then.

How does image hosting work in the fediverse? I assume any images are downsized for efficiency and that it's generally a better bet to host photos on e.g. or and just post links. But maybe there's some groovy photo software that supports ActivityPub? That'd be cool.

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family, oral history (+) 

anyway, if this is something you've ever thought of doing for a family or community you're part of, there's no time like the present.

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Not sleeping is such a horrible thing. I was awake half the night, and now I'm finding it very hard to take code-review feedback graciously, because I just want to yell at everyone to stop giving me a hard time.

Google is such a pain! The Play Store does this thing where it revokes apps' permissions if you don't use them frequently — but in the case of the app, where you expect auto-upload to keep backing up your photos even if you don't use the app, it just stops! It can be hard to see why, or even notice that it has. Very annoying.

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i propose we all move to the talk pages of some obscure wiki

I'm adding labels to buildings in a set of photos of from the 1970s, but keep getting sidetracked in looking up info about random people. Like Israel Goldsvaig, wool merchant. Maybe I should just let my script run and not watch it working…

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Hey, fellow #NZTwits, please definitely help guide others over on Twitter to find the servers here, especially by pointing them to the specific local ones, rather than "Mastodon" in general.

I was happy with just now because I was browsing the list of people on a different instance, where I wasn't signed in, and I clicked 'follow' — and it worked! It followed them from my account (where I *was* logged in). I mean, this shouldn't surprise me, it's not such a feat, but it felt pretty well thought-out.

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Already liking this space because NO ADS

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