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Another URL system dies. The Western Australian Metropolican Cemeteries Board has broken how many cited links of the form: ?!


I guess this has happened as part of the addition of the great new service that identifies the actual location of grave sites:

I'm adding querying to my static site generator, and the example site now has the following list of seven items that are instances of :
Billygoat Hennes: mascot of 1. FC Cologne
William Windsor: kashmere goat who served as a lance corporal in the British Army
His Whiskers: pet goat of Benjamin Harrison, 23rd president of the United States
Taffy: Royal Welsh mascot goat
Lance Corporal Shenkin III
Lance Corporal Shenkin II
Lance Corporal Shenkin I

There's a typo in this [Queen's Platinum Jubilee video]( "the Unted Kingdom", but maybe it's just being accurate?

I'm drawing little pictures of scrolling web boxes and trying to calculate how much scrolled they are and how they should tell each other that they're scrolled. It's amazing how bad programmers are at anything with actual numbers (well… with a sample size of one, that is).

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I'm going to adopt this inspirational message that has just appeared on the handball court in the local school.



I think I'm going to add WordPress-style shortcodes to my static site generator, to sort of emulate templates (except the templates will be in and the content in ). Then I can do `[foo bar="baz"]` and it can turn into whatever HTML or it needs to (i.e. it'll also have multiple output formats).

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Is it just me, or is there really no way to copy a list of media files (not all of them; just a list) from one #MediaWiki installation to another?

...without, you know, writing an extension or something.

(...which I'd be more tempted to do except that I'm putting all of my coding efforts these days into replacing MW rather than enhancing it.)

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A few of us in AU and NZ libraryland have this annual ritual called during which we blog daily for the month of June. It started 13 (!) years ago back when folks blogged regularly. Now we just blog in June. My post to kick off the month:

Wiki Loves Earth has started (in Australia)! It's a competition aiming to improve the coverage of protected natural places (and the species within them). Anyone can take part, you don't have to be a crash hot photographer.

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I'm experimenting with doing occasional long-form blog posts about how to make your own online services.

I've done an initial post about how to make your own Mastodon server using managed hosting providers. If you have time, it would be great to hear feedback about it.

You can read it at:


I think I fixed a bug, but in doing so made the thing count more things that it has counted before, and so another bug was found.

It seems that the contest tool has a bug. It's not scoring things properly! And that's about the only thing that this tool has to do. I shall try to fix it.

Great mapping day today. Next time, I'm going to experiment more with printing and sketching things on paper. If I can learn more about QGIS and cartography before then.

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I got a new weekend mapping theme: #wetlands !

I used to map lots of waterways, and with earphones on, end-up in a zen-like mapping trance for hours.

Mapping #mangroves and #reefs now gets me on that kind of groove.

The #Philippines is archipelagic, so we have almost endless coastlines 😄 , but the challenge goal is to fix mangroves named "mangroves", and then, maybe, map the vicinity, too.

Wanna help? Try out:

The mapping gang is now at the pub (Boston Brewing Co.) and trying to figure out where to map next month.

Right, we're full of coffee and ready to map.

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