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I'm a terrible person to self-host stuff. I like doing it, and have managed to do it for like 20 years, but I stuff around with things so much that at some point I feel like I'm going to have to realise that my self-hosting is fragile, time-consuming, and expensive. I mean, I'm probably *not* going to realise that, but I should…

Wikimedia communities in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific have a new opportunity to meet in person and share knowledge. The ESEAP Conference 2022 will take place in Sydney, Australia, in November. Scholarship applications are open until 24 July.

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I just made a new template on Commons for linking files from the State Library of South Australia: (it doesn't do very much, but it's slightly easier than adding the catalogue URLs manually).

I'm working on a thing to convert to :

I'm trying to restrain myself from making hyperlink labels small-caps.

I'm converting 94 files from to , and wondering if I'll regret this. There's no control now! So many little things (like "Dr.~Smith" to prevent ugly wrapping) that just don't exist in the web context. Wikitext was my other option.

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the revolution will not be algorithmically amplified

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I just rolled out breadcrumbs for my website. Now, any page that is not linked directly from the navbar or site footer will have a breadcrumb list in its header. The breadcrumb list shows how to reach the page, starting from a navbar link. The first item is the navbar or footer link; the second link is the current page.

I made this change because simply emphasizing a navigation link with <strong> isn’t enough to convey the current section to assistive technologies. With this change, I’ve done more than the bare minimum to meet WCAG 2.2 SC 2.4.8: Location.

With the presence of breadcrumbs, there are now more navigation-related links before the main content. Before, adding a skip-link would have saved a user five keystrokes; now, it could save a user seven. I’ll probably add a skip-link next.

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Oh no! I never should've said I know what to do next. Now I'll never know! :(

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Right, it's beer o'clock, I'm halfway to fixing a thing (and know what to do next), and so can give up on the day happily. Time to bork some Wikidatas on the static sites.

Another Western Australian history wiki: (the Western Australian Military Digital Library)

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Offer for all those frustrated with open source or shy and need problems fixed or features added 

Hey, so if you want to use open source but find its problems too much, have errors or need certain features a project doesn't have but others whether than be closed or open source do please feel free to reach out to me and I'll go find a way to submit an issue or issues for you. Because open source is only good if we all work together and add or fix things others need or have problems with, not if we only selfishly only get our own problems fixed or get features only we want to see added.

Is uucp still a thing? I want a wiki-to-wiki copy command (for ). Although I love InstantCommons, I also like the way that MediaWiki enforces a sort of cohesion in site content (i.e. hotlinking images is not allowed), and anyway I've a few wikis that need to share content but which I don't want to set up a common file repo for (e.g. they need different metadata).

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Oh, the irony - the English Wikipedia article on "Link_rot" (, has some External Links; the link to Jakob Nielsen, "Fighting Linkrot", Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, June 14, 1998 ( is returning ... "HTTP Status: 404 (not found)" .

(Right, I think I've got fediverse → Twitter crossposting working now. It's probably not very good form to mechanically post to Twitter, but oh well. It was super easy to set up as well.)

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