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After four years, I've put 10 reasons down on why Twitter users should move to @Mastodon without losing their twitter
friends. Sound weird? Let me explain.

I've finally started making a todo list of things that need fixing with the Category Browser:

It's surprising how easy it is to bring a MediaWiki site back to life from backups after many years. Everything seems to just work, and the upgrade was painless!

So far. (I'm still trying to wrangle rclone to do clever copy-between-remotes and other things.)

It seems like White Gum Valley might be named after Wandoo, because the only other white gum that Wikidata knows about is a t'ohersider.

Does Wikidata really not let us say what suburb a thing is in?! (I guess I knew that already, but still… hurrumph or what?)

I'm sort of wondering about resurrecting FreoWiki, a civic wiki that we worked on about ten years ago in the Fremantle Society. I've still got the database etc. and it wouldn't be hard to turn it on again.

There are now 1,076 Australian place articles using Wikidata population values! (Not that I'm obsessively editing Perth suburb articles or anything.)

This is part of a recently project to make it easier to keep Australian population data up to date in Wikipedia:

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Rediscovering my appreciation of these almost perfect little devices for delivering a rapid jolt of java. This one has been sitting forlorn and unloved on a shelf behind the stove for a few months as I used a small plunger. But, no longer.

Terrific meetup today with Perth Wikimedians. It's been a while since the last one! About ten people turned up, despite the rainy weather. 😃

Next meetup will likely be Sunday 21 August…

I'm a terrible person to self-host stuff. I like doing it, and have managed to do it for like 20 years, but I stuff around with things so much that at some point I feel like I'm going to have to realise that my self-hosting is fragile, time-consuming, and expensive. I mean, I'm probably *not* going to realise that, but I should…

Wikimedia communities in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific have a new opportunity to meet in person and share knowledge. The ESEAP Conference 2022 will take place in Sydney, Australia, in November. Scholarship applications are open until 24 July.

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I just made a new template on Commons for linking files from the State Library of South Australia: (it doesn't do very much, but it's slightly easier than adding the catalogue URLs manually).

I'm working on a thing to convert to :

I'm trying to restrain myself from making hyperlink labels small-caps.

I'm converting 94 files from to , and wondering if I'll regret this. There's no control now! So many little things (like "Dr.~Smith" to prevent ugly wrapping) that just don't exist in the web context. Wikitext was my other option.

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the revolution will not be algorithmically amplified

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I just rolled out breadcrumbs for my website. Now, any page that is not linked directly from the navbar or site footer will have a breadcrumb list in its header. The breadcrumb list shows how to reach the page, starting from a navbar link. The first item is the navbar or footer link; the second link is the current page.

I made this change because simply emphasizing a navigation link with <strong> isn’t enough to convey the current section to assistive technologies. With this change, I’ve done more than the bare minimum to meet WCAG 2.2 SC 2.4.8: Location.

With the presence of breadcrumbs, there are now more navigation-related links before the main content. Before, adding a skip-link would have saved a user five keystrokes; now, it could save a user seven. I’ll probably add a skip-link next.

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