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Had an interesting start to a conversation yesterday about Mastodon servers, and the driving philosophy under them.

And how you're either aiming to create a service or a community, and how these actually have different motivations and requirements.

And I thought that was interesting.

It's hackathon day three, and things are sort of starting to make sense. The first semi-final of Eurovision is keeping me motivated. I'm writing some Bad Code but that's okay, I've already thrown away a bunch of it.

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low-key upset that the road realignment I've made in openstreetmap hasn't made it to the tiles used on . That slightly shifted road is Super Very Important to...

ok it's important to nobody. But it hurts my eyes dammit.

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@humanetech From a very personal perspective though, both pixelfed and Instagram seem rather poor choices, though, for asset management and image archiving. Little to no sort features (folder, hierarchy). No handling of different representations (file types, resolution, ...) of the same image. No real metadata except tags and descriptions. Maybe an image gallery software would be much better suited here, if at all...?

@rriemann @EU_Commission
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I think my favorite part about running Linux on the Desktop is that when I close an app it actually is closed and stops consuming system resources.

Or less coffee. Or more whisky? At any rate, I seem to think I need more database tables!

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I'm at that stage of a new project where I could make ridiculous architectural blunders and give myself no end of work in the future. But this is also a hackathon, so I guess I just keep hacking and hope for the best? I didn't sleep well, and now I'm making a concept called a "langver" which is a given language-version pair of a project's documentation. Perhaps I need more coffee…

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While the new community members section of the IndieWeb newsletter is just a tiny subset of people who are joining the IndieWeb movement by actively adding themselves to the wiki, it's been encouraging to see expanding growth both here and in the broader web (even Tumblr) and Fediverse space since Musk announced the acquisition of Twitter.

Here's to more positive growth to a healthier and happier online social experience.

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Plain text is interop on steroids. Many respondents reported using multiple different apps on diff platforms concurrently. Easy with plain text. Next to impossible with your rich text solution

Even those who had settled on a single app had been habitual switchers in the past

Your JSON-based file format? Used by a single app with maybe a couple of open source widgets floating around supporting it? So far away from being in the same ballpark that it might as well be a joke.

I need leaflets. Not in an Arnold J. Rimmer sense. But people don't seem to know what a domain name is when you tell it to them. Easier to write it down. Maybe a QR code! :-P

(I've been having good convos with people renovating their houses.)

I'm out mapping Freo addresses in . Trying to make it easier to geolocate the FSPS1978 pics. I still want to find an old UBD though (probably a pre-1955 one that is PD, but a 1978 one would be great for reference).

Anyway, have stopped at The Local to replenish my surveying feet.

The Internet Archive has sent out a monthly donor survey, and want to know my "vocation". Is that a bit strange? I quite like that they're asking though.

I had a thing pinned to my Twitter once that said something like "host nothing yourself, but put things in public places and make sure they're easy to back up (and back them up)." I feel like I'm coming back to that idea, with things like Commons, Internet Archive, and Github central to how it works these days. The fediverse of course fits that idea. Even Flickr does, in a way. The general problem is one of interoperability, but the tradeoff is reduced fragility.

Periodically, WordPress (the organisation) sends out emails to plugin developers reminding us to check compatibility with new WP versions. I no longer work on any of my plugins, but it's fun getting a little reminder of the things I intended to get done… in 2007.

Sometimes, it depresses me the amount that the Wikimedia world uses things like Google docs, Slack, and other proprietary platforms to create content. It's usually not stuff that'll end up on the projects (although it often is), but more it's the work around that. The organising stuff, and communication.

It feels like it's all just being lost to the wind, and the history is going to be very hard to read.

B Shed navigation light reflected in the windows of the Fremantle Port Authority building:

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Good Morning!

Wow, over 200 people have joined the directory since it launched a day ago 🥳 #fediverseInfo #fedi22

Looks like there was once a redirect for but it's now broken. It's still used as a schema URI (or at least, in this thing I've got here it is) and so my checker script is complaining.

I spent too much time in the night pondering a simple way to sort out some data I'm working with. Now I find that there's no REGEXP function in Sqlite that one can use in the select clause?!

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