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Tom Edwards

Scripting News: Silos vs decentralized networks

It's even worse than it appears.

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Ok, so, can we shout on browsers to bring back the "Subscribe to RSS/Atom feed" button in/near the URL bar?

I mean, clearly people are still using RSS/Atom. And they get annoyed they cannot find an easy way to subscribe.

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Thank you! More than 18.000 people and 151 organisations signed the "Public Money? Public Code!" letter!
But we won't stop here. Read about other achievements and the next steps in our shared mission:


From the ever wonderful David Byrne: "museums that implicitly present themselves by saying, "This is our culture, this is who we are," will have an obligation to reflect what that culture is now. The definition is not static."

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I spent 2 years traveling with a honeypot laptop, leaving it my hotel room, checking it in luggage, and then manually checked for this type of evil maid attack after each trip is a nice combination of two of my favourite things: Tiddlywiki and the Kanban visual task management

9/10ths of the way done with creating a minimalist blog using just two files (an XML file for the RSS and a CSS file to make it pretty) and "hosted" on IPFS via an IPNS gateway. Can anyone recommend something cooler/more ethical than github for hosting said project on?

Hello everyone!
you've enticed me back onto social media @hugh