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Does anyone have any insight on the comparative ethics of using rideshare companies like Uber vs conventional taxi companies?

Context: I'm disabled, can't drive, and have been advised by my doctor to avoid using public transport due to the COVID risk. I need to make occasional trips that are beyond my walking distance. I also can't use a bike for these journeys because of my disabilities. I'm on a part-time income, so cost is a factor too.

Anyone else worried that Scomo’s pronouncements on FB are eluding government archive processes?

Are people running Discord servers? Friend of mine has abandoned FB for hers and I like the idea of destination servers running like the old forums then being absorbed into the mélange of a FB feed. Especially as FB will never ever be an uncompromised and inviolate infospace.

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Yes - I'm going to be using Mastodon more

This may get irritating

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Listening to an AU interviewee on RNZ talking about the "lost of services" related to the Facebook block on AU use... it highlights how blindly dependent so many organisations in AU are on FB and how they *shouldn't be*. It's their own fault. FB cannot and should not be depended on. It's foolish for community organisations and gov'ts to do so.

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There's alway issues with managing physical records - but I wouldn't want to have these guys job...


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