Anyone else worried that Scomo’s pronouncements on FB are eluding government archive processes?

Are people running Discord servers? Friend of mine has abandoned FB for hers and I like the idea of destination servers running like the old forums then being absorbed into the mélange of a FB feed. Especially as FB will never ever be an uncompromised and inviolate infospace.

@hugh have to read my copy. Very impressed by an interview I heard and had to get a copy.

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@ericireland In my experience they just ask someone on FB ("Can anyone tell me what X is all about?")

Yes - I'm going to be using Mastodon more

This may get irritating

@hugh I'm of a similar mind - but I think there's a major access issue going on (how do you get the traffic to your blog when it's all milling around uselessly on FB looking for an exit?)

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@ericireland I have no evidence but I somehow believe it is many people's sole interaction with the Internet - I'd like to see some research into it (if there isn't already.)

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Listening to an AU interviewee on RNZ talking about the "lost of services" related to the Facebook block on AU use... it highlights how blindly dependent so many organisations in AU are on FB and how they *shouldn't be*. It's their own fault. FB cannot and should not be depended on. It's foolish for community organisations and gov'ts to do so.

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There's alway issues with managing physical records - but I wouldn't want to have these guys job...

@dzshuniper Every discussion of current affairs has to have IPA input.

@hugh other facilities they provide? Wifi, 3D printing, function rooms

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