Here’s an example dataset harvested from Library and Archives Canada’s naturalisation database. It’s all the people with ‘China’ as their country of origin, supplemented with wives and children (who are not included in a country search).

I’ve added a section for Library and Archives Canada to my GLAM workbench. The first notebook extracts records of people from a specific country from their naturalisations database and saves the results as a CSV file.

Current status — extracting data from Library and Archives Canada’s 1915-1946 naturalisation database. Coming soon to my GLAM Workbench…

The full text of ‘Who belongs? Reading identity, ownership, and legitimacy’, my talk for last week, is now online. Includes slides, code, data & more…

My talk for at the National Library of Sweden looks at occurence of the words ‘aliens’ & ‘immigrants’ in @TroveAustralia newspapers, The Bulletin, & Hansard. The, code & data are online.

Another slide for Sweden — this one comparing words appearing before ‘aliens’ in The Bulletin and Commonwealth Hansard (1901-1980).

Pleased and proud to see the chapter @baibi & I wrote on the Real Face of White Australia now published as part of an awesome collection. Buy now or read the CC-BY version online!

In a bit over a week I’ll be heading to Stockholm for the ‘From text to data’ conference. Preparing myself for the 40 degree temperature difference…

In case you’re wondering, it took about 13 hours to download the metadata and full text of more than 2,000,000 @TroveAustralia articles including the word ‘Chinese’ using my Trove Newspaper Harvester. You can try it here.

Ok, so let’s see how I go harvesting 2 million newspaper articles from @TroveAustralia conatining the word ‘Chinese’…

One more and I’m done for the night… New GLAM Workbench page for the ‘Trove API introduction’ notebooks.

I’ve finished putting details of all the current GLAM Workbench repositories into the new documentation site. Still a few notebooks to migrate from the original workbench, but getting there! There’s about 50 Jupyter notebooks so far.

Added a ‘data’ section to the GLAM Workbench docs, with info on harvests from government data portals, as well as series from @naagovau relating to ASIO and the White Australia Policy.

Added a page for @ArchivesNZ’s Archway to the GLAM Workbench docs…

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