The Trove Journals section of the has been updated to work with the new @TroveAustralia interface! I’ve also re-harvested ALL the OCRd text from digitised journals — 6gb of text from 397 journals now downloadable in bulk from CloudStor.

New in ! After you’ve used the @TroveAustralia Newspaper Harvester to download lots & lots of articles, try exploring the results in Datasette. [This notebook] sets everything up, you can even add full text search & images!

Download newspaper articles in bulk! The Trove Newspaper Harvester has been updated to work with the new @TroveAustralia interface. I’ve also added the ability to save articles as .jpg images! The easiest way to get started is via the .

My app for searching in @TroveAustralia’s digitised journals has been updated to work with the new Trove interface. You’ll need to have switched over to the new interface before you try searching (just click the link on the Trove home page).

Another db migrated and app updated!

Have you ever wondered what interjections in historic hansard would look like as tweets? Well I did… Now with longer interjections & more emojis!


Here’s a map of places where @TroveAustralia digitised newspapers were published/circulated. Click on the map to find the closest newspapers to a place. Updated with new titles from the last year!

Thanks to @NetPreserve, I’ve been spending time lately working on a set of web archive exploration notebooks for the . Here’s an example to create/compare screenshots of captures.

Do you have a CSV file you’d like to make searchable, maybe even share online? New on , I show you how with @simonw’s awesome Datasette tool & @Glitch. Give it a try!

New on – make your own @TroveAustralia newspaper game! Thanks to @glitch, just edit a couple of files to create your own customised edition of Headline Roulette – make it about cats, or Queensland, or Communist Party newspapers, or whatever!

I’ve given my site a refresh, and updated my @TroveAustralia Twitter bot tutorial to link to the latest versions of the bots on @glitch. The new code is actually easier to customise, so plenty of opportunities to play around! More DHHacks coming soon…

If you’d ever wished you could get a random(ish) newspaper article from @TroveAustralia’s API, here’s a hack for you! I’ve added an option to return a random article to my Trove proxy app. You can filter by normal API facets. Go to:

The GLAM CSV Explorer has had a few updates — you can now filter by organisation, and upload your own CSV files! Try it live on Binder.

Buildings might be closed, but the data is open – explore hundreds of datasets from Australian GLAM organisations!:

Updated! My notebook to upload digitised newspapers from @TroveAustralia to an @Omeka-S site has been improved — no longer trips over non-newspaper articles in Zotero collections, and does a check to avoid uploading existing articles.

My data file of public holidays in NSW from 1900-1950 has been updated – now including variations in the King’s Birthday holiday and extra days like VE Day.

My harvest of OCRd text from @TroveAustralia digitised books, ephemera, and parliamentary papers has been updated! There’s now 19,795 text files (about 3gb) to explore! Harvesting details and links to browse/download files from Cloudstor are in the .

The simple Trove proxy that you can use to get to download links for PDFs of newspaper articles from @TroveAustralia has been updated to Python 3, and Trove API version 2. It’s used in @Zotero and elsewhere…

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