This week the National Archives of Australia digitised 21,488 files:

+10,305 in B884 (CMF personnel dossiers)

+7,339 in A2572 & A2571 (Bonegilla name index cards)

+1,345 in A9301 (RAAF personnel files)


Changes to Trove newspapers this week:

+74,859 articles

+15,852 articles with corrections

+8,668 articles with tags

+592 articles with comments


Major changes to individual Trove newspapers this week:

+52,543 articles from The Daily News (WA)

+22,316 articles from Sunraysia Daily (Vic)


I’m trying to write quarterly updates on the technical side of the UK Web Archive, in case that’s of interest?!

Also on tonight’s episode of ‘In GLAM This Week’, the NAA digitised 20,517 files. Of these:

13,850 were name index cards from the Bonegilla Migrant Camp (Series A2571 & A2572).

4,938 were CMF personnel files (Series B884)


This week’s changes in Trove newspapers:

+7,451 articles

+16,628 articles with corrections

+8,148 articles with tags

+491 articles with comments

Another overdue maintenance task completed! The Tung Wah Newspaper index has been migrated from a custom Django app on a now defunct web host, to a nice, neat Datasette instance on Heroku.

TIL you can do date maths in Trove. Searching for date:[NOW-10YEAR TO NOW] in newspapers & gazettes returns articles from the last 10 years. Try it:

Spending the evening updating the NAA section of the . Here’s a fresh harvest of the agency functions currently being used in RecordSearch…

Re #introduction, and faintly astonished that last time I was here we were also in election mode. I’m a uni worker, voting on climate, parenting a transitioning teen, turning the compost, hoping for change. I live in a small community by the sea that’s part of a regional city (Wollongong). My partner and amazing fierce daughters plus the transitioning lad are Wiradjuri. I keeping saying “our current government” in the hope that this turfs them out, but I’m not confident. It’s so nice to be back.

This morning has been all bug hunting. But at least I’ve now found & fixed the problem, & released version 0.0.14 of the RecordSearch Data Scraper! Also updated on Pypi.

Ng Kew (born in 1905) arrived in New Zealand in 1920. He and his wife Ng Moy She owned and operated the laundry Chan Foon and Co at 5 Majoribanks Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington.

Do you use #OpenRefine? Then help the community by filling in the two-yearly user survey. More answers from people doing #datajournalism and #openscience would be especially valuable, so please boost if you have followers in those fields.

Changes in Trove newspaper titles in the last week:

+26,731 articles from Daily News (WA)

+88,485 articles from Sunraysia Daily (Vic)

+6,810 articles from Dalgety’s Review (WA)


Changes in Trove newspapers in the past week:

+124,404 articles available

+17,306 articles with corrections

+8,269 articles with tags

+523 articles with comments


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