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Explore @TroveAustralia’s digitised journals with this simple app. Now updated with the latest additions to Trove, and a new page for government publications.

Want to save @TroveAustralia newspaper articles as images (that aren’t sliced up in annoying ways)? There’s an app for that in the .

I’ve updated the repository of data transcribed from White Australia policy records in @naagovau. Remember to follow @invisibleaus for daily snapshots.

New ‘Trove images’ section added to the ! Here you’ll find my latest Jupyter notebook harvesting data about the use of standard licences & rights statements in Trove’s picture zone.

Ok, the LODBook Jekyll plugin is cleaned & commented enough for me to put it aside for a while and work on the theme and data structure. I also took the opportunity to improve the way context strings are created…

Voting in the 2019 @dhawards is now open! Go and check out all the cool projects from around the world. And while you’re there, you might like to vote for my in the ‘Tools’ category!

Archived via Zenodo – ‘Inigo Jones: the weather prophet’ – exploring our desire for certainty amidst a highly variable climate.

Archived via Zenodo – ‘Civilization versus the giant, winged lizards’ – a thing I wrote about the climate emergency in 2006.

One of my favourite things this year was finally publishing ‘The People Inside’ with @baibi — describing the start of our @invisibleaus experiments eight years ago with records relating to the White Australia policy held by @naagovau.

Did you make a DIY Exhibition from a @TroveAustralia list using my GitHub starter kit? If so, it’s probably broken. Never fear, here’s how you can upgrade your exhibition to use version 2 of the Trove API.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been exploring ways of recording dates for 70,000 digitised pages from Sydney Stock Exchnage records in the @TheANUArchives. Here’s the progress so far…

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